Mother’s Day Card from the Kids

Mother’s Day Card from the Kids
December 14, 2013 CuteCoco

My mother’s day celebration came one week early. Oh before you get confused, I am talking about Indonesian mother’s day that comes every 22nd December!

Today was the last school day for K and little A. Last week they have got their exam (I think it is crazy that kindergarten has exams but, life is indeed crazy these days isn’t it??!). So this week they only had sports, games, art and craft activities, and festive celebration. One of the art and craft things was making the Mother’s Day card.

Little A was already in bed when J and I reached home. K soon welcomed us with his signature whining to demand a new toy. In the middle of his whine he suddenly stop as if he remembered something and then told me to close my eyes, “please close your eyes, I have something in my bag” he said full of secret.

I closed my eyes.

In seconds K was already back and asked me to open my eyes. “Here’s for you mommy!” he said happily, flashing the card he made at school. What was written in it was ” You will always and forever be the first woman I ever love this much”. I was delighted!

mothers day card

K said “take this with you mommy and put it in your office”. Aaaaw, this definitely would make a gorgeous addition to my cubicle! This and little A’s card.

But then K finally remembered that he was trying to get the toy he wanted. So he whined again, this time to J. When J didn’t give in he came to me and said “look mommy, if you don’t buy me that toy I will take the card back!”


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Comments (6)

  1. Theresa 7 years ago

    That is so sweet and they did such a great job! Our Mother’s Day isn’t until May. I hope I get pretty cards like that!

  2. filthyemails 7 years ago

    Visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)


    • Rina 7 years ago

      Hiii…I am smiling too :) Thank you for visiting!

  3. Rosey 7 years ago

    aww, I love when they are full of surprise like that for a gift they’ve made for us. :) Very sweet!

    • Rina 7 years ago

      Ha ha thank you Rosey, it was indeed a sweet surprise ^_^

  4. Oh, I didn’t realize that Indonesia had a different Mother’s Day than we do here in the US. Happy belated Mother’s Day!!

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