Milk Pie from Hepikoekiss

Milk Pie from Hepikoekiss
December 4, 2013 CuteCoco

I have a dear friend who is happy all the time. Okay, that is exaggerating but her name is HAPPY so that should say everything about her right?

She was my classmate in high-school with an interesting love story because she ends up marrying my other classmate and together now they are a solid partner for better for worse, and for business.

Happy has been always interested in baking. She has the talent and her cake orders are increasing every year. I think that is why she decided to take her business one level up and call it Hepikoekiss. Again, her made-to-order bakery and pastry business name pretty much straight forwardly representing her name and the products (koekiss = cookies or cakes).

Her latest product for this holiday season is a range of mini milk pies. She posted them on instagram and all I could do was drooling. I love pies. Don’t you?

So when I told her about it she offered me to try a box of the milk pies. Boy, how she made my day!

She sent this for free as part of her shipping trial. She received a lot of orders from out of town, which need shipping. We all know how fragile pies are. You have to send it by yourself and do not even think to have it shipped. But she wanted to give it a try and her husband, who is also my dearly friend, came up with this very smart and efficient packaging that managed to hold up for the pies to arrive safely un-broken and un-crushed at my doorway. FYI we don’t live in the same island so the pies were air-shipped.




Unfortunately Hepikoekiss only ship within Indonesia. Contact her on instagram or email for orders.

Meanwhile, I just found an old post from Savory Simple about Momofuku Milk Bar’s Crack Pie and I think you should take a look at it because the recipe is so simple yet the end result looks so tempting!

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  1. Theresa 7 years ago

    The pies look delish! Too bad I’m all the way over here. I’d love to eat one right now!

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