Ideas to Decorate Office Cubicle and Make it Look Awesome

When I was in school every time the exam came we always joked about how position determined an achievement. Back then the joke referred to seat location that if you sat next to smart student you could have a peek on his/her work and get similar score. Ha! I know it sounds so naughty but now I find the same joke is actually meaningful. When we work, be it in the office, home or anywhere else the place where we sit to do the work affects the mood, which then will bounce to the work performance.

For me I like to work in a cozy atmosphere, where I am surrounded with my favorite things, my favorite colors and everything I need is within arm-reached. In blogging (or in any job for that matter) inspiration can come from anywhere but in order to make it worth reading there is a hard-work put into it. A lovely and supportive work desk certainly helps in the process.

In my day-job, I just recently moved to a new cubicle. It’s so raw at the moment and I am still figuring out what to do with it. I want to decorate it to make it look awesome, to represent me and to stimulate more inspiration from myself so I can perform better. Sounds too dreamy, doesn’t it?

Here’s the before-picture of my office cubicle:


I still don’t have the after-pic yet as I am still looking for ideas to decorate my office cubicle and make it look awesome. I found some ideas from Pinterest:

office cubicle 6

office cubicle1

office cubicle4

All images courtesy: Pinterest


Do you have any suggestion of what I should do with my office cubicle? Please, shoot!

6 Thoughts on “Ideas to Decorate Office Cubicle and Make it Look Awesome

  1. I love the first cubicle with the framed photos. Makes it feel more home like! I hope you show us the finished results when you are done :)

  2. I work at home, but I wish I had seen these back in the day when I worked in an 8×8 cubicle.

  3. lovely indeeed…my cubicle is filled with documents and files…plus some purple stuff :D …thanks for giving more ideas to cheer things up :D

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