One More Reason Why My Facebook Page is Getting Lesser Viewers

One More Reason Why My Facebook Page is Getting Lesser Viewers
July 18, 2013 CuteCoco

I have been annoyed with couple of link shared on my Facebook page, which are on automatic mode directly from this blog. It is not the updated post that is being shared but the comments that are getting approved. It gives lesser value to the page and I got a feeling this is one reason why my facebook page is getting lesser viewers.

Years back I joined Networkedblog and has set the syndication to automatically shared my blog post on my facebook personal account and page. The problem is that the only links that are shared on my facebook page are blog comments. It really ruined the overall timeline and if I am annoyed with that I can definitely sense that people who are getting my updates on their newsfeed are annoyed too.

So I decided to remove this system. Just a little after I did that I found this post that mentioned about penalty from Facebook on pages that used third party tools. Right now I am glad that I did what I did on my networkedblog account. I hope my Facebook page viewer statistic will get better now.

Do you have similar issue with me? Go through your page once again. It is probably due to something you did.

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Comments (3)

  1. Rosey 8 years ago

    Glad you got it where you want it. :)

  2. I am so glad that you shared that link. That was very informative about the changes coming to FB. I cannot help but wonder what the fallout will be on the new changes that are coming. They don’t appear to be in favor of people like us (small businesses & authors).

  3. Theresa 8 years ago

    I don’t even mess with sharing my posts on Facebook anymore. I get much better results with Twitter and G+. I don’t have network blogs auto post for me though, but I do know a lot of bloggers that do.

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