The Transformation

The Transformation
April 29, 2013 CuteCoco

Months ago, every morning was a war. Every morning was a struggle to get K to school. The real battle was not on the way to school but to make him stay in the classroom without me. For two weeks I had to deal with his tantrums. He just wouldn’t let me go.

Yesterday I watched the gorgeous boy full of courage took his position on stage and happily sang and danced along with the music.

K was second from the right

Where was this whiny boy who threw his body on the floor every time I left him in the classroom? Where was this crying boy who shivered and frowned every time we entered a room full of strangers?

K still gets nervous when meeting new people but I know this little caterpillar has transformed into a butterfly. I am so proud of you K. Well-done baby!

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  1. Theresa 8 years ago

    Awww, good job K! It’s such a relief when you see them venturing out into the world without holding your hand, but it’s a little sad at the same time too. I remember the temper tantrum floor post. My, time flies!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 8 years ago

      Hahaha..yes, it got me a momfever too hiks. Time flies, indeed!

  2. Rosey 8 years ago

    Aww, how sweet, and he is handsome as well as brave too. I’m glad he’s happy and putting on the show. My oldest was very shy and never liked me to leave him. Now he’s the oldest and the least shy of the bunch. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Author
      CuteCoco 8 years ago

      I found it so difficult to handle the oldest but once set right, it is easier to do with the younger because the oldest set an example. The youngest is going to start school ths year so I hope he won’t be as shy as his brother ๐Ÿ˜€

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