Cermin Beach and Theme Park Resort

Cermin Beach and Theme Park Resort
April 6, 2013 CuteCoco

Being the fourth largest city in Indonesia and the capital city of North Sumatera I expect Medan to have a lot more to offer than just all year round durian season, culinary highlights and super mad traffic. It has been almost one year now since the first time we arrived in Polonia Airport and mall trips during the weekend have no fun anymore. Everything about the city is becoming wearisome. We need something refreshing to get away from the city crowd. Maybe something like a beach.

Cermin beach (cermin means mirror) is one amongst few places recommended by my friends to spend a day with family away from the traffic and the malls. It is located in the outskirt of Medan with just around two and a half hour driving from the city. I have heard good words about the beach such as very clean, beautiful and there is a Theme Park Resort where kids will definitely like it. Therefore when J’s workplace held a family gathering for its staff in Cermin beach we were very keen to join.

Getting to Cermin Beach

Like for many other tourist destinations outside Medan directions to Cermin beach are very poorly provided. If you are new to the area it will be quite challenging to find this beach despite how close it is to the city. The direction we got from our friends was to go along the way to Lubuk Pakam, the same direction to go to the well-known Toba Lake, find a big restaurant named Simpang Tiga and turn left. There will be a half an hour drive from the intersection to finally reach the beach.

It turns out Cermin beach is only one part of this wide long sandy beach, which for commercial purpose has been divided into several beaches. It is the most popular one amongst the others because it is the only one with a Theme Park Resort. As you drive along the small pathway passing by these beaches, Cermin beach is right at the other end of the series.

Experiencing Theme Park Resort in Cermin Beach

Entering Cermin beach area the word tranquility soon slipped in my mind. There weren’t too many crowds of visitor; the situation was very calm and the ambience was so peaceful. We passed through the entrance gate and was directed to this open area, looked like untouchable or maybe was just not properly looked after, which they said was the parking lot. Several tourist busses were parked there and for a moment we couldn’t figure where we should park our car. A man, presumably the parking guy, then directed us.

I have to say, this beautiful talking about beach and the interesting idea of a theme park as a matter of fact were too exaggerating for Cermin beach. Having been staying for five years in a beautiful island just by the seashore of Lombok, the sister of Bali, I have a very high standard for a beach. Cermin beach is definitely down below.

Once we were out of our car we couldn’t see the beach right away because two big buildings have blocked the view.  The family gathering was held inside the Theme Park Resort, and even that word was just too much. Really the Theme Park Resort here was just one shabby area forced to fit the requirement as a theme park. If you have been to Genting Highland, this one is definitely incomparable.

The whole area was wire fenced. There was no way you could go play on the beach unless you were out of the Theme Park and entered the beach from the other entrance because the beach and the Theme Park were managed by two different companies.

There were two waterpark areas for visitors; for adult and for children. None of them were over the top. A small brown castle with poor condition of slide attachments was placed in the middle of the children pool. K and little A, and the other kids, however didn’t really care about the look of that facility and really enjoyed their splish-splashing time in the water.

A big sitting area by the poolside was overlooking the ocean. I have to admit that the corner of it was probably the most enjoyable from the rest of facility. After playing with the water, K and little A enjoyed the ocean breeze here by playing with their small paper windmill.

Within a 10 grade I would give Cermin beach and its Theme Park Resort a five. Clearly the two and a half-hour driving were not worthy enough for this popular destination. Next time, if we ever decide to go back at all, we will not go to the Theme Park Resort and instead just playing on the beach with the sand and the ocean.

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Comments (7)

  1. Rebellina Passy 7 years ago

    Greetings… I came from Medan. In 2011 I visited my home, but did not get to the Cermin Beach. Indeed, I was told that Cermin Beach is a beautiful beach with its theme park resort.But if I look at the photos you posted, I agree with you. As long as I know since I lived there,management of the tourism in Medan, always disappointing. And more disapointed, it’s still remain so until now. Hopefully what you’ve wrote above could change the minds of officials there.

    • Author
      CuteCoco 7 years ago

      Hi Rebellina, nice to have you here! :)

  2. Camille 7 years ago

    Sorry the trip was a little disappointing! It looks like the boys had some fun at least.

  3. Theresa 7 years ago

    At least you gave it a try! I’m sure the boys had fun!

  4. Mama Obito 7 years ago

    That’s sound pretty sad knowing that the beach is not well-handled. I agree that better play on the beach instead of park. You will have lots of fun.

  5. Rosey 7 years ago

    I’m sorry it wasn’t worth the drive. At least the kids had fun, that’s a big plus for the trip, despite everything, yes? :)

  6. Author
    CuteCoco 7 years ago

    @ Rosey and @ Camille… like Theresa’s said at least the boys enjoyed it 😀

    @Mama Obito YEap!

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