Mince Chicken with Crunchy Green Bean

Mince Chicken with Crunchy Green Bean
March 23, 2013 CuteCoco

First of all, let me tell you one thing: never ever watch three cooking show consecutively in one day and then try to do one of the recipes featured the next day. You’ll get mixed up.

I know I did.

I watched Meat Business, The Boss and Nigela’s cooking show the other day and then tried to make the green bean recipe but I couldn’t decide which ingredient for what because the three episodes were hovering my mind. However, it did come out great. Pinky swear!

Please meet the Mince Chicken with Crunchy Bean. I think the original recipe used Rabbit meat, but as I said I couldn’t tell which ingredient for what recipe so I just used whatever in my mind.

Please note this is not a proper recipe. I can’t give you the proper measurement because I was doing trial and error too. Best thing you can do is to just have fun with the ingredients. Taste was yum!


Cooking oil

Shallot and garlic ( all chopped)

3 big red chili, throw out the seed. Slice thinly

2 chili (optional) cut julienne style

Mince chicken

Oyster mushrooms, cut in chunks

Oyster sauce

Sweet soya sauce

a handful of green bean


1. Preheat a tbsp cooking oil and then add the green bean. Leave it until brownish. You will hear the popping sounds.

2. Sauteed the garlic and shallot, put the chili, add mince chicken and the mushrooms. Cook until change color.

3. Add oyster sauce and sweet soya sauce. Mix well until all cooked.

4. Arrange the green bean in a plate. Pour the mince chicken mix on top.

5. Serve.

Note: the potatoes were boiled and then sprinkled with salt and pepper to taste.

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Comments (3)

  1. Sounds delicious – thanks for sharing :)

  2. Alissa Apel 8 years ago

    Sounds yummy!

  3. Theresa 8 years ago

    Yum Yum! Do you know that green beans are one of my favorite veggies? I just love them so much!

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