My 2013 Theme

My 2013 Theme
January 1, 2013 CuteCoco

Welcome to the first day of 2013! It’s Tuesday, it’s blog meme time and definitely it’s the first IBOT in this year. So yeah I am all excited for 2013 and all excitement has began since the counting down started.

2012 was my year of positivity. I was determined to spread positivity to the world. By saying that I meant I was to stay away from negative people and surrounded myself with positive people and positive energy. And then to stay in line with the theme I started I Heart This Blog award to share the positivity to other blogger as well as to appreciate their work.

Unfortunately I had to quit the award mostly due to technical thing. That was one of my failures last year. But I was starting it all over again. I decided to do it once a year in bigger form hence I gave Most Inspiring Blogger 2012 Award to these bloggers at the end of December 2012.

This year my theme is CHALLENGE. I want to raise the bar. I want to go bigger. I need to challenge myself.



Last year I still could not figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I chose to blog because I decided to take a break from my career and just be a stay at home mom. And besides, we were staying overseas. It was hard to find a job for me that would suit the kids and husband’s schedule.

I used to think that once we were back to Indonesia I would restart my career. I would be back to the corporate ladder or to start my business. But when that happened, as we all moved back to our home country I changed my mind.

I was bouncing dead ends in starting a business. Lack of passion was one most possible reason. I also couldn’t see going to office everyday and lick the boss’s ass work for me in any way. Nevertheless K’s school schedule is a very hectic one. After spending too much hours in job search I finally concluded that the job that would work perfectly for me is full time blogging. I love writing my blog, I love reading blogs, I love making new friends, I just love everything about it.

So this year I challenge myself. I have set the bar and the challenge for me is to go beyond that. Whether I would succeed or not I have one full year to work it out.

One of my challenges is Newsletter. Starting this January onward I have Newsletter that I will be sending out at least twice a month. It will be a thrilling experience for me because there will be one full editorial plan for that every month.

If you want to help me out give me a chance to amuse you through my newsletter. Let’s subscribe it here. If you don’t like it you can always hit unsubscribe  (but I will work my ass to make you like it :D)

What’s your theme for 2013?

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Comments (13)

  1. Challenge is an excellent word. My word for this year is Patience. I need more and I need to use what I do have better. Here’s to a fabulous new year, looking forward to seeing you set and conquer your challenges!


    • Author
      CuteCoco 7 years ago

      I just came back from your blog when saw your comment in mine. My connection was crap I couldn’t leave comment in yours sigh..but I am glad you are here because I really need to let you know that patience is something I should work on too…like very hard. Every day I pray that God will add more stocks of patience in my bag because I just easily run out of it big time 😀

  2. Salz 7 years ago

    I dont have a word for the year but yours is interesting and will challenge you lol. Hope the new year is a great one.

    • Author
      CuteCoco 7 years ago

      hmmm now you got me thinking lol!

  3. My theme this year is gratitude! I’m determined to see the beauty in every day.
    Best of luck with your plans for 2013 :)

  4. Yay that you’re challenging youself, and I love that you are looking for the positives. Happy 2013!

  5. Happy New Word!
    As you know my word (and theme) is WILL.
    I will … will power … willingness …
    Challenge is a great word.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  6. Last year I had huge goals I wanted to achieve.. life, kids, day to day activities made my huge goals not so important..

    This year I am sticking with small achievable goes.. and encouraging myself I can do it.. :)

    Happy New Year

    #teamIBOT was here :)

  7. alissa 7 years ago

    That sounds like fun! I’m going to try and post more crafts and recipes.

  8. EssentiallyJess 7 years ago

    I’d like to take my blog to new levels too this year, but I’m still to make myself a plan to do it!
    Good luck with your newsletter :)

  9. Theresa 7 years ago

    My word for the year is organization. I always start off organized, but seem to lose it quickly after I start. I am challenging myself to get organized and stay there!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 7 years ago

      Ough yeah stay organized…I always try but never get to anywhere hiks :(
      Please call me when you get there okay?! 😀 Best of luck X

  10. click here 2 years ago

    Kids really flourish in nature. If you take the ipad/device away, at first they complain. But if you take them to a great natural environment, it’s surprising how quickly they get active and forget about the virtual game they were playing!

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