Goat Milk Beauty

Goat Milk Beauty
January 3, 2013 CuteCoco

Will you laugh if I tell you that some years ago I had tried to dip my hand on goat milk business? But I wasn’t really serious about it and that was why it went flop before it got a chance to take off.

Many years ago my mom bought me couple of Goat Milk soap bar as face cleanser. The texture was very soft and it made our skin fairer and glowing. And no, it didn’t smell like a goat. Not even closer. In fact the fragrance is so smooth and nice.

Goat milk has a short-strand protein structure which allows it to be easily absorbed by our skin. The Lactic Acid it contains contributes to a stabilized and gentle ph level. It is an ancient secret to beautifying and anti-aging skin.

So before I decided to blog I thought to try to make the similar product. I bought three goats and kept them on my grandmother’s land. She assigned someone to take care of them. One goat died frozen on heavy rainstorm that hit my grandmother’s village.

The goats I bought were female so in order to induce their milk production and to regenerate we looked for a male goat for the two goats that were left. Somehow the matchmaking didn’t succeed. And if you ask me now where those goats are, I have no idea.

Turned out handling goats wasn’t my kind of thing (you are probably rolling your eye now and say “doh!”). But weirdly enough I feel satisfied of the thought that I had once tried to do that.

And just weeks after I told this story to one of my friend, yesterday on my groceries trip I found this giant bottle of goat milk body wash peeking in one of the shelves. I then noticed there were so many different brands in that shelve all of goat milk body wash.

I didn’t need a second to think about it, quickly returned the body wash I initially wanted to buy and grabbed one of the goat milk body washes instead. One particular brand was offering an extra 500ml refill for every 2000ml jar and the price was only IDR 39,000 (approximately USD 4). On a stretched budget, this offer was heaven.

Have you ever tried goat milk soap?

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Comments (3)

  1. Theresa 6 years ago

    I have never tried anything made with goats milk, but they do sound nice. If I see them on the shelves here, I will have to buy some to test out!

  2. I’ve never tried goat milk soap, but I’ll try anything to make my skin softer – especially in the cold winter.

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      it’s very good for dry skin so I read :)

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