Book Drive: When Education is The Break to Poverty

Book Drive: When Education is The Break to Poverty
January 22, 2013 CuteCoco

Finally! The translation version of my eBook Mom Think Tank is done. I can’t thank my blogger friend Mayya enough for her time and amazing wording skills for putting the book together in Indonesian language.

You may find it weird why I am, an Indonesian, needs help to translate my book into Indonesian. Well the truth is I don’t have enough confident to write in Indonesian. The conversation language is easy but grammatically or to make it beautiful is way out of my league. Mayya is so talented with her Flash Fiction series on her blog. So I knew she was perfect. I was right.

Mom Think Tank is my thoughts about being a stay at home mom with two kids and no helper at all, how life was up side down and how I walked it to the light. If you are a working mom thinking to quit or you are a new mom, maybe you would want to read this book :)

One of the reason why I really want to make this dream of mine come true is because I have been delaying the process for one year. Also I am starting this cause called Book Drive with an ambition to distribute great books to slum areas/poor schools in Indonesia.

My plan is to put aside IDR 5,000.- from every ebook sales and when it’s just enough I am going to find the needs and buy them education books. I believe education can break poverty.

There are still many region in Indonesia that are left behind. Some children take two days to reach their school in a remote area. Some can’t even go to school at all for being lack of money.

A place that has been hovering my mind to be the first place I am going to distribute the book is Lombok island. I have stayed there for five years before moving out overseas and I know how bad it is in certain areas of the island.

So I am giving myself six months from now to see whether this Book Drive can actually ‘drive’. If you want to buy the Indonesian version or to contribute a donation you can send it to my pay pal account:

Do you have any idea on how to elaborate this drive more?

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  1. Rosey 7 years ago

    What a wonderful mission and I wish you every success!

  2. Theresa 7 years ago

    Yay! It’s so exciting when dreams start looking more like reality! Wishing you much success on your book drive!

  3. Best of luck!!

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