Weight Loss Journey (week #1): The Triggers

Weight Loss Journey (week #1): The Triggers
December 2, 2012 CuteCoco

I can’t see myself on the mirror right now. There is something off about the reflection that is looking back at me. Who is this big fat woman? Double breast, fats on every corner, cellulites have taken over my body completely. And this is what I am now. The one who used to be so small, so petite with the smallest waistline amongst the girls I hang out with. I pick up a big lump of skin on my tummy. This has to go!



So I am taking the courage to write this journey towards my weight loss in the hope to reach out people out there, moms who are just like me and to tell them that hey you are not alone. Let’s fight this together. I know we can do it. I know I can.

Being fat doesn’t mean ugly. It’s just my personal choice to be slimmer. Being slimmer means I won’t have to fight with my jeans and my t’shirts when I have to wear them. Being slimmer means I can move lightly. And being slimmer means I don’t have to hold my breath every after meal outside just to keep my tummy flat for the rest of the night.

I want to start this journey right. Thus I have done an observation to what have caused my weight gains. And here are my findings:

  1. I don’t move so much. In other words I am pretty much turning into couch potato.
  2. I am lack of exercise. I do run/walk almost every morning but haven’t been fully committed to it.
  3. I am overeating. I eat lots of calories with only few channels to let it burned.
  4. I let myself become the food-cleaner. Whatever left on the kids plate goes to my digestions.
  5. I snack on high calories food.
  6. I drink too much coffee. I heard caffeine holds fat and makes it hard to break down.
  7. I don’t eat a lot of fruits and vegetable

So the plan for this week is:

  1. To drink a lot of water. I am doing water detox now and decided to really do it diligently. Toilet visits are increasing when doing this type of detoxification but I don’t mind as long as I can loose some weight and be healthier.
  2. Have afternoon exercise routines to catch up with my abandoned morning walk/run.
  3. Work hard to hold my self from munching the kids leftover food.
  4. Reduce my calories intake by half.
  5. Stop my mealtime by six in the evening.
  6. Stock fruits and vegetables, and finish them all.
  7. Reduce coffee (this is probably the hardest one).
  8. No more high calories snacks.

I started recording my daily intake since four days ago:

Day 01

I had a cup of coffee in the morning and flew to drop K to school. No breakfast hence was starving on my way to the school. Today the moms were all there so we decided to hang out. Had breakfast treat and I ordered vegetable in peanut sauce with rice cakes. I vowed not to take lunch as the portion probably had covered my entire calories needed for the day. And then I had another cup of coffee afterwards and filled with four small spoon of brown rice from the kids plate in the afternoon. I thankfully think that all was washed out by my afternoon exercise routine.

Day 02

Woke up very early to drop husband to the airport. Had a cup of coffee in that rush morning and then when things slew down (husband’s off, K’s off to school) I had rice cake curry a la Medan. Quite heavy breakfast that was. I decided to skip on lunch but at around 2 at noon I gave in for a small portion of brown rice. I thought my meal time was done. But my stomach was growling by ten in the evening. I was working on designing a label for a local cookies shop and the work had squeezed out all my energy. So again I gave in for a bowl of meatball soup. I didn’t have my afternoon exercise today.

Day 03

K was not well today so we skipped school. Stayed at home the whole day I managed  to only have three pieces of pizza noodle and lunch with brown rice. I gave in with noodle soup at 5 in the afternoon but did my half an hour exercise routine.

Day 04

Had a small portion of fried rice before heading to drop husband to his office for a meeting and then myself and the kids went for snacking at Dunkin Donut. Joined a fun playdate with my mom-friends and was served lamb soup, banana fritter and fried noodle. When we got home I had another small portion of brown rice with beef curry. I think my overall food intake today was too much. No exercise.

And that is my first week of going slimmer and healthier. When will I get there? Soon.

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