How To Clean Your Macbook Pro Screen

How To Clean Your Macbook Pro Screen
December 1, 2012 CuteCoco

Compared to my husband I am far away from being a clean person if talking about car and laptop. My husband can’t stand any trash lingers in the car hence when we used to have his and mine – car, his car was always clean and neat whilst mine looked like a twister has just passed by. His clean freak attitude also applies on the laptop. Although he has his own laptop he expects mine is cleaned regularly too. Therefore at least on weekly basis I put my hands on cleaning the laptop. Today I will share my guide on how to clean your Macbook Pro screen.

It is not a rocket science really! All you need is:

One small static brush

One fiber cloth

One Plasma and LCD cleaning liquid (I use Promate)


The cleaning procedure:

1. Make sure that the Macbook Pro is off and not connected to any electrical point.

2. Dust out the screen using the brush to remove any small particle that may stuck and scratch the screen when being wiped.

3. Spray the liquid all over the screen.

4. Wipe it off using the fiber cloth gently until all the liquid is gone.

5. Meet the sparkling screen. You can even now use it as your mirror!


Cleaning a Macbook Pro screen with these tools is so easy and quick I just love doing it. I bought the cleaning tools package (including the liquid) in an Apple store but I think these kind of things are easily found in any laptop or electronic device store. Promate cleaning liquid can also be used for cleaning your iPad!

Do you clean your laptop/computer regularly?

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