5 Cool Ways to Celebrate Your New Year’s Eve

5 Cool Ways to Celebrate Your New Year’s Eve
December 31, 2012 CuteCoco


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As we gathered for the last time before holiday began, every one was giving ideas on how we were going to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. I suggested to get together and have our own cocktail party but spending New Year’s Eve inside a room wasn’t everyone’s favorite. After tough thinking we decided we didn’t know what we were going to do, whether we were going to get together or to just spend it at home with our own family. Soon the morning coffee finished and we went back to school to pick up our kids.

But apparently all the moms who attended our morning coffee session agreed that going outside on New Year’s Eve is just a wasted of time. Roads will be blocked, traffic will be chaotic and instead of spending New Year’s eve watching fireworks and joy we are likely to spend it frustrated behind the wheel. Not that I would know such things like that considering I haven’t really celebrate New Year’s eve as long as I can remember.

For the past ten years of my adult life I could only recall one time trying to spend that flaring night with friends and ended up stuck in the street like everyone else. Other than that as a hotelier (formerly) I mostly spent New Year’s eve working and when I quitted my job I spent it joyfully by sleeping or watching movie marathon from the couch.

Nothing big if you want to know what do I do for New Year’s eve. However I do have several ideas on how to better spend your New Year’s eve other than listening to live music and watching firework set the night sky on fire. So here are the 5 cool ways according to me to celebrate your New Year’s eve:

1. Celebrate it twice around

Take an intercontinental flight. Go across the ocean, somewhere that is at least 6 hour time difference than your local time and pick up the midnight flight. Can you already feel the joy?

2. Bungee jumping from Eiffel Tower

I haven’t been to Paris all my life but have heard pretty good thing about the city. They said it is a romantic city. Dining on Eiffel Tower is a magical experience. Watching fireworks from there is just expected on New Year’s eve. But how about bungee jumping? On count three you jump!

3. Set a Firework War

I saw a scene of this in my favorite Dorama (a Japanese drama), Hasunaro Club. The two teams set a big umbrella as their ‘fort’ and then they start shooting firework on each other. I think this could be a fun and thrilling activity for the whole family. Of course you should not do that in your own yard. Instead find an empty field, maybe like a football field or something like it.

4. Baloons of Hope

Buy hundreds of balloon and fill it with paper of hopes. You can write like happiness, success, a long live or whatever positive thing you can think of. You have to bloat the balloons with gas so they can fly high. By midnight set them all free. Think of someone out there find one of the balloon and read those lovely hopes. It’s like cracking a fortune cookie only this time it’s in the form of balloon and nothing bad is in it.

5. Horror Movie Marathon

Love themed movies are so normal for New Year’s eve program. So make a difference now. Do a horror movie marathon and have nightmare for the rest of the year month. Is it cool or what?!!

Oh well those are just my ideas. My husband is most probably working during the time so my ideal picture of spending the night at the moment is to be able to spend it at peace (kids asleep, only my and the tv).

What’s your plan for New Year’s eve? Anything fancy? Or you will join me in pajamas and hot chocolate snuggling in the couch in front of the tv?

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  1. I love your idea about floating balloons with an inspirational word or quote. What a marvelous way to kick off the New Year and inspire someone else in the world.

  2. Theresa 7 years ago

    I think those all sound like fun ways to celebrate the new year. However, I am just a boring mom, so we are staying in and playing board games and watching movies.

    Happy New Year!

  3. All awesome ways to celebrate. We had a quiet night with some close friends and family – but none of us made it to midnight LOL.

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