Why You Have to Join FRONT Hop

Why You Have to Join FRONT Hop
November 15, 2012 CuteCoco

All this time I have been wondering why my newsfeed only shows coupons and giveaway posts. Don’t get me wrong. I love coupons and giveaways, even if I can’t join any of it due to my location I like to share them to my fans. The thing is that I have clicked LIKES on so many blog’s Facebook page and almost 85% of them are not showing in my timeline. Do you know what scarier? That your own post updates are also not showing to most of your fans. In the case like this then what’s the point of having bazilion fans on your Facebook page?

The reason why coupon and giveaway blogs have better share rate in Facebook world is because many people have put their like on the post, commented and even shared it. Every like, comment and share on single post counts for your entire page. Without anyone likes or comments or shares your post your page won’t be valuable enough. So if you want your updates on your Facebook page show in your fans newsfeed you must get people start liking or commenting or sharing them. The quicker way? join the FRONT hop.

What is FRONT hop?

It’s a linky party, stands for Facebook Reach Out Now Tuesday hop. The objective of this hop is to help each other getting better share rate in Facebook world

How to participate?

1. Add one of your status/post update in your Facebook page (see picture where you can find it) into this hop.

2. Like/Share at least three links before you and three links after you.

3. Be generous on commenting.

4. As this is done every Tuesday, the next time around you should always add different status/post update link.

5. Please also be generous to promote this hop to your social networks out there.

What’s the benefit?

Besides getting more people view your Facebook post as participant you can also get featured. Every Tuesday I will chose (randomly) one blog post from one of previous week’s participant and feature that post in the hop publication. Every blog whose post gets featured will be entitle to one link in my end of the month Flash Giveaway, for FREE.

Co-Host Wanted!

I am looking for two or three bloggers who want to join me co-hosting this party for this November and December (each).

Co-Hosts will definitely get their blog (with link) mentioned every week of the event and are also entitled to one link in my end of the month Flash Giveaway for FREE. In addition to that Co-Hosts are also entitled to one 125×125 px ads space in my side bar during the month they are co-hosting.

What Co-Host needs to do:

1. To join the hop (optional).

2. Promote the hop three times during the week by sharing the post in his/her social network.

3. Put the hop button in sidebar.

4. If you are a company or business owner want to co-host please contact me HERE.


Now, I hope everyone is clear why it is important to appreciate our hard work on our Facebook page by joining FRONT hop. See you there on Tuesday :)


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