Moms Hang Out

Moms Hang Out
November 12, 2012 CuteCoco

Hello Monday! I am proud to open this week with a guest post over at Dominique’s Desk about how to easily blog from iPad. Will you check it out please? Thanks! ^__^


Meanwhile have you ever heard about Arisan? It is Indonesian term for get together involving money collecting and winning. Oh’s not gambling. So here is how it works. A group of people (usually women) get together periodically, could be once a week or once a month or once in three months, and every time they gather they will put in some agreed amount of money which will be collected by one member. Name of members will be then pooled in individual paper which at the end of the day the head of the group or anyone, really, will draw one to be named as a winner. The winner will take the collected money for that period but he/she is not free from paying his/her share until the arisan season is finished. Arisan is mostly combined with family gathering or girls hang out, or in my case moms hang out.

Last Saturday was my second arisan with the group of moms from K’s school. We have clicked since the first few days we met and decided to make the new bond stronger in a form of arisan. For some moms it is also a way to get a me time away from the kids.

Bakerzin was our choice to hold the second arisan. Normally at this time everybody dresses up to the nine after days in flip flop, pajama and trainers. Below was my outfit for the day. Girly girl in pinky.

Please meet my new mom friends who are not only beautiful, but also crazy and fun to hang out with :)

Have you been out recently on girl’s day out or just hang out with your friends? How do you feel about mommy me time?

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