Kids Lunchbox Ideas #1: Round and Stars Sandwich

Kids Lunchbox Ideas #1: Round and Stars Sandwich
November 26, 2012 CuteCoco

Today K’s lunchbox consists of chocolate sprinkles and peanut butter sandwich. Nothing magical really but I am trying to make his lunch time more exciting by giving his sandwich in various shapes. This time I gave him rounds and stars.

So what you need:

Small round and stars shape cookie cutter

Chocolate sprinkles


Peanut butter

White bread



What you do:

Shape the white breads using the cookie cutters and add filling as you like. In this one the round sandwiches are with butter and chocolate sprinkles whilst the star ones are with peanut butter.

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Comments (4)

  1. Camille 8 years ago

    These are cute! I have a penguin shaped one that my daughter likes me to use on her sandwiches. :)

    • Author
      CuteCoco 8 years ago

      Hmmm I need to get a penguin one too and bear. Cute animal themed sandwich is definitely a good idea! 😀

  2. Theresa 8 years ago

    Awww, they are cute! Even though it’s an ordinary lunch, you made it not boring with the shapes. Food is so much more fun to eat when they are cut into shapes. I am sure he loves them!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 8 years ago

      The lunch box was cleared!

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