10 Reasons Why Choosing Blogger as Your Profession

10 Reasons Why Choosing Blogger as Your Profession
November 6, 2012 CuteCoco

Working moms sometimes tell the stay at home mom how they want to be just like her, to be able to stay at home with the kids without being worried about unfinished projects or date lines in their schedule. On the other hand, stay at home moms sometimes bestow an envy look to their working mom friends when they pass by the house looking fancy in their suits and smell so good. But that was yesterdays. Now, both world get it’s crossing path in the name of blogging. Working moms find a pleasure in their blog and stay at home moms find their esteem in it.

The thing is most of us still wonder whether blogging can be chosen as an occupation. No one will look twice when you say you are a stay at home mom (because in their mind it is the most boring job ever..yeap..oh boy if only they know!) but try to tell someone who asks what your profession is with “a blogger”. I bet the one word that will come out from his mouth is “huh?”.

It is still not common, yes and because of that it is kind of embarrassing to shout it loud. Well there is always a first to everything. So if you are one of those moms who are walking that bridge thinking to cross over, check out my 10 reasons why choosing blogger as your profession below:

1. You get to see the world

Admit it! Kids limit your time to hang out with your friends. Even when the kids are asleep they still put you on a curfew for nightmare screams, toilet callings or just for the sake of calling.  And who would sit with you for coffee and chit chat at eleven in the night? But Mr. Google understands. He always will. Blogging involves a lot of browsing and there are a whole world out there outside your tiny little window that never sleep. Your blogger friends can be someone who lives on the other side of the world when their morning is your night time. You will learn a lot of new things, new perspectives in one click.

2. No one will say no to you

Ever faced rejection to your ideas in your work place? Your blog will not do that. You can do whatever you want, flood it with your ideas even the craziest ones, and it will sit still there in front of you. You can write about your favorite songs today, holding a giveaway the next day or hosting a charity event for hunger strike in Africa the day after. You are free as a bird. Just make sure you stay away from pornographic or offensive contents.

3. You are your own boss

Climbing corporate ladder is hard. There are politics involved, there are ass to kick and ass to lick. But your blog is your own empire. You own it. The ass you need to kick (or lick) is yours. It’s gross..eww! Good thing is that you are free from that politics. You don’t have to be that moron who refuses to play along.

4. You get to decide your own signature

Because you are your own boss you get to decide what your position is in your small company blog. In your email signature and in your name card you can put author, owner, manager, director or president or whatever you want to call. No one will question that. Promise.

5. Flexible hours

One of complaints from working moms is that they can’t be with their kids all the time. Although we, stay at home moms, know that it is insane to want to be with kids 24/7 but we agree that it is a blessing we get to spend more time with our kids than those moms and blogging will not take it away from us because it offers flexibility. You don’t have to work 9 to 5 daily to run your blog. For me, I spread my working hours during the day, each session stretches from 2 to 3 hours adjustable to the kids’ schedule. This way you can still run your blog, take care of the kids and keep up the house. Everybody wins.

6. Pyjamas and make up free

Do you dare to show up in your office in your pj and make up free? I know I don’t. Blogging doesn’t command you to appear immaculate all the time. You can sit in your worst look in front of your computer running your blog and everything is just fine. Unless you need to see your potential clients or sponsors in person, pj and make up free can be your new working attire.

7. The challenge is thrilling

Every bloggers know a blog doesn’t grow overnight. Some bloggers take years to finally earn for real, some bloggers take forever and never get there. Above the two there are bloggers who achieve their financial goal within a year or less. This kind of bloggers are special. It’s not about luck or being smart, but it involves tons of hours, dedication, commitment and wall-faced. They are like Colonel Sanders who wouldn’t take no for an answer and the journey worthwhile. I have three living proofs who have been running their blog and made it well established within a year or so. Check out what TJ’s doing at Measuring Flower or Pamela Maynard over Mom Does Reviews and the most inspiring of all, LaDonna Denis with her Mom Blog Society.

8. Coffee time all the time

Walking on the side ways, holding coffee and looks busy. That is the look of the city every morning crowded by people who are rushing to their work. Do you think they will still holding that cup once they get to their office? Bloggers can just sit at their desk, running their blog while sipping their cup of coffee. They can even have dinner while doing it.

9. Work wherever whenever

Because the job involves internet connection blogging can be done wherever and whenever.  There is no specific time, a correct time to work on your blog. Day or night, it’s your choice.

10. Holiday on Monday

Who takes holiday on Monday? Bloggers do. If they want to. Like what I did yesterday. After spending only three to four hours sleeping on weekend I decided to take sometime off from blogging world and embraced my sleeping time. I love Monday!

Okay, I hope the 10 reasons to blog for a living above can be useful for you. If you are a blogger, do you have any other idea to make it 11 or maybe, more?


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