DIY Kid’s Apron from a Pillow Case

DIY Kid’s Apron from a Pillow Case
September 2, 2012 CuteCoco

School has gone back to normal this week after a two-week long holiday for Eid celebration. With that, the normality in my schedule is also back. Tantrums for refusing to go to school every morning, now is also added with afternoon tantrums for refusing to go to the after school activities. Juggling to handle that I also have to fight the traffic every morning, afternoon and late afternoon. My son’s schedule is indeed crazy. His class starts at 7.30 am and finishes at 10.30 am. Then the after school activities start at 3 pm to 5 pm. Our house is 15 minutes away by car but take the traffic lights into account the driving can sometimes stretches to 30 minutes. Now multiple that by four you can imagine that my son and I are pretty much on the road all the time.

Couple days ago his teacher told that he had to bring an apron for today’s cooking class. Me and the other moms had helped each other to find where we could buy that stuff. None was available. We gave up. I decided to just give my son a napkin while praying that hopefully by next week we could find some kids’ aprons for sale somewhere in the city.

But on the night before the day they were supposed to use the apron an idea stroke my head. I remembered that I had an extra pillow case from the waterproof bed shield package (yeap it comes with a pillow case and a bolster case). I knew the length is just enough for a kid’s apron. So I experimented with scissor, sowing needle, threads, ribbon and glue. My mom helped me sowing it. And then I cut a small piece from my old t’shirt and formed it like a chef’s hat. I glued three little pieces of small ribbon in K shape, the initial of my son’s name.

Making a DIY Kid’s Apron from a pillow case was one the most creative thing I had done this week. It comforted me a little because I had been a bit upset with the fact that internet connection in this country is really bad regardless whichever provider you are using. I spent most of my times wasting my laptop battery waiting to get connected only to fail. Frustrating huh?!

Speaking of creativity, check out the new idea you can use your waterproof bed shield in your house. This picture was sent by one of my costumer to show me what she had done with the waterproof bed shield she had ordered from CuteCoconut Shop.

Yeap! You can use it to cover your simple sofa bed too! Go to see the price list HERE if you are interested to order one (or more).

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  1. Theresa 8 years ago

    Wow, that turned out great! My kids have been asking for an apron. As soon as I get a spark of creativity, I am going to try to make them one :)

  2. Camille 8 years ago

    That is a cute idea! I will have to try that, we have a ton of old pillow cases. I hope things get less stressful for your guys soon!!

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