Saturday Mind: Just Random Thoughts

Saturday Mind: Just Random Thoughts
April 29, 2012 CuteCoco

I am so hating myself at this very moment for being so unorganized and poor in time management. I am overwhelmed with so many things to do and can’t decide when to do what. I have got cake decorating course, preparing my son for his school admission test/interview and doing my network marketing business with Oriflame in my plate. All are important, all need focus. Where has my focus gone?

I think I kind of let things go lately. I normally work on schedule which means I start my day with my morning coffee and a little play with the boys. Soon after breakfast I will take them for a bath, do the clean up and then it will be my blogging time. After lunch will be a little play again and then stuck in my network marketing world.  Blogwalking would be done in the night time. That how I used to work.

Now the schedule breaks. I have started going to the gym again in the afternoon. There are mornings when I just jump into the kitchen and start playing with my buttercream and cake. Today I made my first homemade fondant. Then I have expanded the playing time with the boys but chose to spend a little time for tidying. My laundry basket has never been empty but again, that is not a new story.

I need to shape up. Need to do better time management, better organization skill, and better on everything. Sounds too aggressive huh? How about you moms? How do you manage your day?

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  1. Theresa 8 years ago

    I think most of us moms would like you to share the secret of time management if you ever figure it out lol.

    It always seems that when I get caught up on something, if I don’t stay up on it daily, it all goes back to hell within a day. I have hopes that I will be better organized when the kids move out though!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 8 years ago

      You know once I thought when the boys start going to school I will be more organized. So I was very excited when my son number one went to summer class last year. I was totally wrong! The breakfast, the snacks, the lunch box..early morning battle, dropping him, picking him up.. instead of being organized, I ended up running around with the new additional tasks in my daily routine 😛

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