April is Full of Hope

April is Full of Hope
April 1, 2012 CuteCoco



March has finally ended. It didn’t end with a bang for me but it was still good because I met most of my targets for the month. Of course, laundry is always an exception. I have put it in my never-ending target list along with getting back to the shape I used to be before children (sigh). So other than that flaws, everything pretty much okay.

March was marked as the month when I reactivated my good spirit and gathered myself to get back to my network marketing job. I have managed to wake my team up, built some more network and although I didn’t jump drastically like I wanted but I was up one level. So that was good.

I am building my dreams once again. I have discovered an old friend who is an independent writers and soaked in her stories. I couldn’t help to look at mine, my stories were never completed. I have figured a way to publish it and hopefully I would be able to do it for my first completed ebook, which is derived from my Saturday Mind on this blog.

Speaking of Saturday Mind, yesterday was busy than ever. We went out early morning, picked up some take aways from a friend, enjoyed it on a park and browsing around the city the whole day. By the time we reached home I was too exhausted to write. I tried to switch on my laptop but could not manage to get it through. Therefore no Saturday Mind yesterday. Gosh, I really hate when my schedule is falling apart like this. Especially when it was caused by myself for having too much fun.

Sooo..as March is fading away, I am welcoming April with lot’s of new hope. Another dream to come true, another journey to go through. Some people may laugh at my dream but they won’t win a thing. What I am looking forward to this April, some of them are:

– My cupcake decorating class which will be happening by the mid of April. It will be only for four sessions but it doesn’t make it less exciting.

– Some more people have joined my network which means another team to build. I am hoping I can jump into another big level. Finger crossed..

– Son number one will register for school and some tests and interview are probably going to happen in this month. All of us are really looking forward to it. Son number 1 has been whining about going to school almost every day now.

– I finally got The Drain Claw. What it is and what it is for, you need to wait until my next post :)


In the mean time, have a great Sunday everyone!

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Comments (4)

  1. Theresa 8 years ago

    Congrats on all of you accomplished goals! Spring is a great time for motivation because it seems like everything old is becoming fresh and new again. For me, it really gets me motivated!

    Those cupcake classes sound like so much fun! Who cares if it’s only 4 classes? You’ll learn so much you’ll spend more than 4 days worth making lots of beautiful goodies for years to come :)

    • Author
      CuteCoco 8 years ago

      yes Theresa, I am really excited about it and can’t wait to post about it too (sounds so blogger eh?!) 😀

  2. momto8blog 8 years ago

    Happy April!
    and good luck to your son.

    • Author
      CuteCoco 8 years ago

      thank you so much…we really need luck.. a lot, I guess 😀

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