The Home Business

The Home Business
March 13, 2012 CuteCoco

It has been two weeks now since I started to be active again with my membership in one of marketing distribution group that I have been with for the last three years. I felt bad that I have wasted those years for being ‘asleep’ and only did a sale when my membership needed renewal so that it wouldn’t expire. I, once, had reached a bigger percentage and thanks to my dormant it had decreased a few percent now.

This year everyone in the group is gearing up for the big bonus: Free Trip to Dubai. That means everyone should work their ass out to increase the sales revenue and recruit as many people as possible to work the system through. For me this would not be an easy task. One reason is because this business is based in Indonesia which means I have to work my way and manage my team from far away. Luckily the system is run 85% by online. That gives me a narrow way to succeed but it’s not impossible.

Of course it is always money at the end of the road however what interests me the most is how the system is run. The process is like playing chess or playing tactics in a war game. The basic principle is to increase the sales by getting more people to use the products and join the force to continue the chain. We do it by duplicating system and that’s how it is commonly known as a multi-level marketing.

To work in this marketing business takes a lot of efforts because contrary to common perception about multi-level marketing system, this is not an easy money. That is why every day we need to do filtering of those in our team who are willing to join the core, that is to do the business as a whole, because only to those people we need to focus on their training and development. There is also intense communication with the manager in the upper line plus continuous monitoring on the activity report of the group. I know it sounds a lot of work to do but it is a great fun and I enjoy it.

So for the past weeks I have been swimming my way through my blogging time, my laundry, the boys, the husband and now, the home business, and try to keep up with the pace. So far I am behind with my laundry but that is not new. I mean I am a laundry lazier anyway with or without anything else in my plate.

I am trying at my best to keep the blog running and somehow I miss mom blog society.

Squeezing time to visit at least 5 or 6 blogs per day is also hard these days but I won’t give up. The finale is important but the process is the one that I have been enjoying so much.

I am hoping this week would be better. I hope my time management would be much better and that I can go back to my DVD Buff Mom for 45 minutes cardio and toning session. Gosh, there are so many things to do. How exciting!

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