Saturday mind: The Facebook and The Ship

Saturday mind: The Facebook and The Ship
March 17, 2012 CuteCoco

Don’t you think it’s kind of sad when the previously close knitted friendships end up with only one thumb’s up on the facebook page? Although it could happen regularly but it could also be a sign that there is nothing left to talk about. You just don’t know what to say despite how much you want to say something and instead you always end up only hitting the like button.

As a page that connects people all around the world, facebook makes people who didn’t talk to each other in the past talk to each other now for a reason that they went to the same high school together. It also brings along lots of old memories that it creates an ideal place to revisit our old time fun and smile. But then, it also takes away the personal touch.

You don’t wish a happy birthday directly to your friend anymore. Instead you wish him on his facebook page in front of hundreds of his facebook friends and probably your wishes gets piled down amongst hundreds or thousands of wishes that come after yours. Husbands and wives have been bombing the front of each other’s page with romantic words but never really speak it out face to face. Weird but happened, thanks to facebook.

Today I have read one of my friends’ status in facebook. She lived overseas just like me only in different country. We used to have so many things to say. Sometimes we even chatted in the facebook chat room and just enjoy ourselves. But now, she only ‘like’ my comment and then on her other status, I only ‘like’ it too despite series of comments on the bottom.

I know time and distance change the nature of a relationship be it marriage or friendship. I mean, how can we expect things are just going to be the same when we don’t see each other everyday, don’t talk to each other everyday and worst, don’t even share an actual life everyday? But having said that, I also know that a great relationship may change in the time and distance but never in the heart.

Dedicated to all my dears, the friends that have been there for me, laughed with me, shared a tear together and have been through a friendship fight with me. I hope you all read this. No matter what I am grateful to have you in my life, whichever stage it was.

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  1. I too find it is the case with me. many relationships are estranged due to facebook while some are revived through it.. I guess it’s part and parcel of life now in this modern age to rely on facebook to communicate with others.

    • Author
      CuteCoco 8 years ago’s so addictive too 😀

  2. Geetika 8 years ago

    Cutecoco, You have lead me on the path of nostalgia.Oh, how i miss the good old days! Back then, if seperated by boundaries telephoning was the only way to speak to an old lost friend, even if was only on her birthday. Atleast it was honest and you trully connected. Though fb has brought many old friends back to your life or atleast to your friends list, but the “f” connect is not a true connect!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 8 years ago

      Totally!…well at least we have BBM 😛

  3. Beby 8 years ago

    Omg coco .. What happened kumaha aya naon? Daku baru balik dari indo jd br aktif lg di dumay. Hayu atuh janjian ceting :£ ngobras2 gitu. However, my dear rintje bin rintul, words are just words, the most important thing is what in ure deep heart is. Best friends are always gonna be best friends ..wherever en whenever u r.

    • Author
      CuteCoco 8 years ago

      Very true bebeeek…orang gila..hahaha…

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