Affordable Health Insurance is What Everyone Needs

Affordable Health Insurance is What Everyone Needs
March 6, 2012 CuteCoco

One of the moments when we feel failure as a parent is when we cannot take our sick child to the hospital due to our financial situation. I think it will be heartbreaking to see the one we love so much is in need of medication but we cannot afford one. There are times when my son falls sick and I am grateful I can take them to the doctor to receive treatments. Although we probably don’t have enough money in our pocket at that time we have our insurance to cover the treatments. But then my heart goes to people who don’t really have the option to get a health insurance and enough money. What will they do?

I strongly believe that health insurance is very important. It provides a safety net when the unwanted happens. Unfortunately not many insurance are affordable and for people who have to live from paycheck to paycheck sometimes this kind of cost are put on the back seat. Between food and insurance, I guess we all get it which comes first. So the option is basically either to find a low cost insurance or to try at best to not get sick.

When we try to reach the cheap health insurance plans we tend to be disappointed because some of them don’t have enough to offer. There are restrictions, conditions that at the end of the day it leaves us with additional cost. In this case health insurance becomes nothing but a burden.

My husband and I have had lived with our medical insurance covered by the company we worked at. One of the drawbacks in such situation was we had to use our own money first and then got the reimbursement from the office. I can tell you medication is expensive. Health insurance helps bringing down the medication cost to certain level which is very good.

The thing is when we finally have that little extra money to spend on health insurance we want it to be worthwhile. We want it to serve the purpose as best as it can without giving us the feeling of being cheated or like throwing money out of the window. We want to have options that we can choose from as per our requirement yet with lesser expensive scheme. These make the journey of finding the best suited health insurance a pain in the ass.

If you are facing a difficulty to find a health insurance that can meet your needs you can browse online as these days there are many insurance sites that offer various scheme depending on what you need. They offer pretty good quotes too and the option can also include family insurance which gives you one price for the whole family. That should be good.

What do you think about health insurance these days? Do you think they are affordable enough?

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