Random Things This Weekend

Random Things This Weekend
February 12, 2012 CuteCoco

I woke up to the shocking news that Whitney Houston has passed away. Isn’t this a tragic event for someone as talented as Whitney has to take off from live in such a young age? She has been struggling with drugs and alcohol, so I read and I have stalked YouTube video on her random recent gigs, enough to know that she really has big problems. The cause of death and location are still unclear. I am waiting for any updates. Oddly, celebrity deaths always draw my interest.

Other than that, here are some random things happened on my weekend. It’s not over yet, but I really hope today would be a better day :)

1. Son number 2 has got loose motion since three days ago. We had to run to the ER and the doctor said if he wasn’t getting better after two days we had to comeback for more examination. It’s two days already and he still has loose motion. He is not weak though and keep playing actively but I guess today we are going to have a visit to pediatric to see what really happens with him.

2. The above said, yesterday son number 2 woke up with poop all over his back and of course, on the bed sheet. Wasn’t that just lovely?

3. I had done my first cardio and tummy toner session with the Buff Mommy DVD and felt refreshed. I have to do it again today. It was my first real exercise in two years. Hence this morning I woke up with painful leg and shoulder. That is what happens to you when you don’t exercise for so long to start the routine again.

4. I got my valentine gift already. I basically cornered my husband on that. Well it is not quite a valentine gift as I have been bugging him for the past one month to get me an iPad. So he bought me one yesterday and I like to think that as a valentine gift.

5. However, though, we are not that valentine couple. We don’t really celebrate it to be honest. The only time we celebrate valentine in valentine-ish way was when I was 4 months pregnant with my son number 1. He is three (going to four) this year so you tell me how far our valentine thing is. This year won’t be an exception, except I have had a gift just in time with valentine :)

Anything, great things, random things happened to you this weekend? I would love to hear that! Shoot me a comment and you will make my weekend complete! Thanks a ton :)

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Comments (6)

  1. Camille 9 years ago

    Congrats on getting an iPad!! I’m jealous. And I really hope your son feels better soon, for both of your sakes!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 9 years ago

      oh well after bugging him night and days…I think my husband just got tired of it and bought it to keep my mouth shut LOL! Thanks, I hope so.

  2. Congrads on the ipad..there are so many Apps which you can download for the kids- e-books etc.. my kids have been glued to it since HB got one for us last christmas.

    • Author
      CuteCoco 9 years ago

      yes I am so excited but I still have to think twice to let my boys touch it. They are the super destroyers. Toys are difficult to survive around here lol!

  3. Mayya 9 years ago

    Happy for your new iPad and your exercise, dear. Hope your son get well soon!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 9 years ago

      Thanks Mayya :)

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