My Favorite Doctor, Travis Stork

My Favorite Doctor, Travis Stork
February 13, 2012 CuteCoco


Call me lame, call me crazy but I really do have something for Travis Stork. He is one thing that fails the saying that nothing is perfect in this world. Handsome, charming, passionate, and smart. I can build his personal resume just by one look. Oh, and I should add a doctor and once, a bachelor too along the list.

He is engaged, okay I get that but since he is on television he is a public property too, on some level and I don’t mind to pick up just that piece for my entertainment. Talk shows on medical and healthy living can be so boring. Thanks to him, The Doctors has been very interesting.

Of course the subjects discussed on the show are just as good. However supposedly the host is an old tired-looking doctor I don’t think I will be too eager to watch it. Although I admit, in most of the show almost 95% of the time I only spend to enjoy Dr. Travis’s face.

Come to think of it, now I am not quite sure whether Travis Stork is the right choice as the host for The Doctors. I think his persona can be a big distraction especially for female…who is crazy like me. The message won’t get into our brain because it is filled with his charms. Well, at least mine is.

Yesterday he wasn’t wearing that doctor green suit like he used to wear. Maybe what I saw was an old episode when he was wearing black jacket, red t’shirt and a pant. He looks absolutely cook in those but I would prefer to see him in his geeky doctor green suit. In the suit he looks cool and very doctor-ish. A handsome doctor.

Have you seen The Doctors yet? Do you think it is comparable with Dr. Oz’s? I love Dr. Oz too, but sometimes I am bothered with his ear…seriously!

Regardless, The Doctors and Dr. Oz are the two important talk shows that we should watch. It gives amazing exposures on health and medication. Probably, one of the great ways to change your lifestyle starts from watching tv shows. Don’t you think?

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  1. Chita 9 years ago

    Aku belum pernah nonton ‘the Doctors’, tapi kalo di bandingin ma dr. Oz, oh please bring dr. Stork to me!! hahahahaha… 😀

    • Author
      CuteCoco 9 years ago

      kalo gitu bagi dua yah?? hahahaha…

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