Making Out, Do You Need That?

Making Out, Do You Need That?
February 20, 2012 CuteCoco

A friend told me years ago that she had to drug her super-active-refusing-to-sleep 2 years old daughter so she and her husband could make out. I know you might think gross as you learn about this. How could a parent do such thing like that?!

If you ask me whether she was out of her mind my answer is I don’t know. But what I have learned was when desire and passion had built up intensely the first thing to come up in your mind should be “get a room”. In my friend’s case she couldn’t because the toddler was still up and busy in the middle of the night.

When you are married and have kids many of times making love is being taken at the backseat. Not because you don’t want to but it’s because you can’t.

Don’t you miss the fun when your kids were just in a form of future conversation and you could make out wherever whenever you wanted. You did it in your living room, on your dining table and even in your kitchen. No little head would pop in and said “busted!”.

Well in my case, my two years old has been very possessive about his mom. My husband and I hardly find a moment to be able to kiss and hug, and maybe a little cuddling in the sofa without being disturbed by that little prince. He seems to have this 6th sense or a magic allert system that whenever my husband and I cuddle he will show up in a snap and play referee. Meaning he will tell his father to “back out” and then replacing his position to cuddle with me.

So with a romance police in the house you can bet on how we can get away with making out. I think it happens to every couple who parents children under 5 years old that making out is only possible at night or when the kids are sleeping. The question is what you would do if you feel like really want to make out but the children are still up? My suggestion is don’t get a room. Go to the bathroom and do quicky. How do you like that?

Now, if a woman tells you that she and husband can make out everyday everytime and they have children under 5 will you believe her?


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Comments (5)

  1. Meredith 7 years ago

    In our house, we call that birth control. As soon as things get heated up, a child is sure to bring things to a screeching halt!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 7 years ago

      LOL!..I like the way you call it…birth control! 😀 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Chita 7 years ago

    Aku juga sempet denger cerita-cerita pasangan malah sulit berhubungan saat si anak masih dalam masa balita. Belum bisa ngebayangin sepenuhnya siy, karna belum punya anak, tapi lucu juga yah saat masih belum punya anak bisa berhubungan kapan saja, pas udah punya anak musti nunggu situasinya aman terkendali dulu. :)

    • Author
      CuteCoco 7 years ago

      iya..’polisi’-nya galak soalnya hahaha…

  3. Camille 7 years ago

    If my daughter catches us kissing, she goes EWWWWW. We have to laugh and stop. No way we can keep kissing with that in the background lol! But she sleeps for 12 hours at night and we for only 8 so that gives us TV time and time to spend together. :) I don’t really feel like we never get to spend couples time. Ask me again in a few months when we our second little one gets here! Hahah.

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