CuteCoconut Online Book Store

CuteCoconut Online Book Store
February 7, 2012 CuteCoco

I have been on and off working on my online book store as part of my affiliation program with Amazon. After adding (and later taking all down) variety of products, I decided to go for a simple yet powerful online store: an Online Book Store. Maybe along the way, I would add more items besides books like craft supplies, stationery, office supplies and the kind. However for now it would be only books.

Why you would buy through my book store rather than going directly to Amazon?

It’s because all the books I put here have been through my analytical thinking, a bit of facts finding, read the reviews and mostly I would have read myself if I can.

Go and have a visit to my CuteCoconut Online Book Store and see whether your favorite book is there. If not, come back later because this is just a beginning. There are more and more to come :)

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