Spreading the Positivity in 2012

Spreading the Positivity in 2012
January 3, 2012 CuteCoco

Gayle, the Editor at Large of O Magazine revealed her new favorite motto in the new feature in the magazine called Life According to Gayle, saying that negative people are toxic and we need to surround ourselves with positive people because they support us in our success. I agree to this 100%.

As a matter of fact, one of my resolutions this year is to  stay away from negative people. Hence by saying that to surround myself with positive people has become a mission on its own. Gayle was right. Negative people are toxic. The negativers will take you down with them. They laugh at your dream, they are bitter about your success and they hate you when you are happy.

The positivers, on the other hand, can brighten your day. When they are around life seems more simple and easy. Their companionship brings along the joy and they support you all the way through the good and bad. And the good news is positivity is contagious. In a good way.

If I can surround myself with more positive people, I believe I can enhance the positivity in me. It is like a circle of happiness, filled by happy people. You don’t have to be smiling all the time but you take the good side from the bad. I think that is how the positivers work.

Couple of months ago I have created an award The Cute Blog of the Month. It didn’t quite work though, interrupted by our relocation to other country. Now, since this year the theme is Positivity in my world, I am modifying the award.

It is not about gaining followers (although it could be one of the good side, if I think about it further). But the idea is to appreciate blogs (and the blogger behind them obviously) that have given inspiration to the readers. Their contents make people happy or just be thankful to be able to read them. It is a gift from CuteCoconut. Therefore every blog who gets awarded can expect a great review here with some of my favorite posts listed. Automatically it will also be shared to CuteCoconut network with the hope that everybody else will like the blog too (those who have not read it yet). I call this award: I Heart this Blog Award.

I already have some blogs that I want to pass this award on to. It will be done one at the time though because they must get equal exposure. I am going to post about it for the first time sometimes this week. So please stay tune. You may nominate a blog too if you want.

Meanwhile, until then let us start spreading the positivity to people around us.


Side note:

Positivity according to www.freedictionary.com :

The quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome.

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  1. That’s a great way to be positive.remove all the toxic people. I did that last year and it really has been great. You keep motivated and encourage when you have the right friends/people around. It does take effort but once you can shut off those negative people( especially those who you really can’t disassociate with like immediate family) and let them know that you won’t take any of their crap they will back off and leave you alone. It does work!!

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