Menstrual Cycle in Winter

Menstrual Cycle in Winter
January 31, 2012 CuteCoco

I have been in this love and hate relationship with my menstrual cycle since God knows when. I mean don’t we all? It is like the rain in dry season. We hope for it to come but when it comes we complaint because we can’t do anything outside the house, and when it pours hard we become inconveniently alerted for the possibility of flood any moment.

Fortunately I am one of those who get spared from the breast swollen and stomach cramps that come along with the cycle. But it is the amount of blood that sheds away that has put me on the hate side.

Like most women who have IUD inserted as their birth control device, except the great fact that it gets more regular (except for the months when I had Dysfunctional Bleeding) I also get tons of blod shed during my menstrual cycle. The worst time is from the second day to the fourth when I can not even sleep with my back because otherwise it will give me islands of blood stains on the sheet.

Yes, of course I wear the night pad. I even wear night pads during the daytime and double it during my bedtime. It goes from my caesar line (I am sure you know what I am talking about) all the way to the waist line of my panty. It is like super double protection and no, it is not comfortable at all.

In winter, my relationship with the cycle slides to the worst. Apparently winter in Qatar is more freezing than in UAE and since this is a desert country, which means sun is supposedly shining all year around, no centralized heater presents in our apartment. Think of cold, think of menstrual cycle, and now think how frequent my toilet trip is during the freezing days.

Because we don’t have heater you can imagine how cold our apartment is. Stepping on the floor with bare foot makes me feel like going to pee in every step. All I want to do is to wrap myself with a nice thick warm blanket and get attached in sofa watching every entertainment the tv has to offer. If only I weren’t human I may be able to do that all day long without any interruption especially by the toilet urge.

The urge to pee has become a total torture to me. First of all the trip to the toilet from my living room includes shivering body and chattering teeth. And then of course, since I am in my menstrual cycle I need to change my pad every time I go down. It really…really annoys me.

But to not having my cycle on time or to not having it at all, also something that I don’t want to happen. Unless you are hoping or trying to conceive, the idea that our cycle is not coming always leads into two things: health problem or pregnancy. Strangely, the latter sometimes feels scarier than the first one.

So what happens if our cycle absent?

In the medical world, it is called Amenorrhoea. It is a condition when a woman in productive age doesn’t get her menstrual cycle for one or more months consecutively.

Is it bad? It could be. Amenorrhoea could be the sign of hormonal imbalance, pregnancy or you are entering a menopause state (which is not good if you are still under 40 – trust me, there are cases when 21 years old women get menopause, they call it early menopause).

The good news is it is a curable condition. Some can even get it healed naturally.

Should you wish to know more about Amenorrhoea, these sites can give you an ample insights of the condition:

Mayo Clinic

Women to Women

Ayurvedic Cure QNA

Lady Care Health


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Comments (2)

  1. Chita 9 years ago

    Wow, aku musti lebih banyak bersyukur niy. Selama ini aku kalo udah mo mens, saat kram perut rasanya udah nggaaaaakkkk nyaman banget, sakitnya nggak nahan. Ternyata ada yang lebih ‘repot’ daripada aku. Aku bisa bayangin Rina, saat-saat harus ke kamar mandi dan melewati ruangan tanpa heater, it must be really suck. But thanks God yah, kita masih diberikan ‘si tamu’, berarti badan kita masih sehat. :)

    • Author
      CuteCoco 9 years ago

      iyaa…selimutan aja dingin..mandi air panas aja begitu keluar kedinginan, bikin kopi panas gak ada semenit udah dingin brrr…Iya betul, seenggaknya kalo masih bertamu berarti kita masih sehat dan belum menopause ya hehe..

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