I Heart a Memory Bliss

I Heart a Memory Bliss
January 22, 2012 CuteCoco

I found this blog accidentally when doing my favorite activity in blogging: blog walking. The person behind this cute and hilarious blog, Bebe, clicks me in so many level. We have a lot of things in common and she is one of those fun people to talk to.

Unfortunately she blogs mostly in Indonesian language so I don’t know whether those who don’t understand this language can actually enjoy reading it. But I gotta tell you that she shares her daily life in her blog which was written in bubbly style and many of times relateable to what I have been through.

I have seen that most people who read her posts feel the same way too. Her posts click people and they instantly feel connected to the story.

For these reasons I gladly present the I Heart This Blog award to a Memory Bliss by Bebe.

This award is one of my way saying that your blog is lovely and it is a form of appreciation or recognition to all the effort you have been doing to write such lovely posts.

There is nothing you need to do to claim this award. You can right click the award and put it in your sidebar if you want to, or donate a post to shout out regarding this award in your blog. But above all, if you are happy to receive this award it means it meets it’s purpose. And that is all that matter.

Some of my favorite posts are:


Photo Session Iseng

Kisah Update


And there are sooo many more, too many that if I write it down you probably have to site for the whole year to read this post.

So why don’t you visit her at her blog so that you will know what I am talking about.


Thank you a Memory Bliss, stay bubbly, stay lovely :)

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  1. bebe 9 years ago

    Thank you dear for the lovely gift… ^__^

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