Saturday Mind: Back in The City

Saturday Mind: Back in The City
December 10, 2011 CuteCoco

This was written two weeks ago when there was no connection with the internet in the apartment. The update is (you will know what I am talking about when you read the whole story) the boxes have arrived and still, the month has changed and I haven’t unpacked them. The feeling of not being settled has refrained me from opening those boxes. I did open one to get my kitchen knife and some dinnerware, but other than those I have left everything just the way as it was.  And this morning my husband took the kid’s blanket out from one of the boxes while telling me that all the clothes would be smelly and got rotten if I don’t take them out any sooner. Sigh, I think I will have to unpack them afterall sooner or later. It is inevitable. But before that let me share with you my two-weeks-ago-thought.


Two weeks ago….

It’s been a few days since our arrival in this country and the jetlag seems to stay longer than I would expect. I am so grateful to the fact that we have been provided with a sweetly-decorated and fully furnished apartment. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a small kitchen, a guest toilet and a living room which is adjacent to the dining room. And it is located in the city. Yes in the city.

I love the furniture. The sofa set is rustic brown and very soft. The rooms are small but well fitted. There are paintings hanging on the wall. Not the expensive ones but better than some bare walls. Actually everything about this apartment is smaller than the old one we had (the gate, the reception area, the elevator, the corridor, the door, the rooms, the windows) but it’s cozier. Afterall, we are in the city. Everything is cramped in the city, so that there is always a room for other to join the madness.

We get morning sunlight, bursting through the window everyday. The view has been buildings, cars and parking lot. What would you expect from staying in a city, right? I mean our old apartment was facing a mall, the landmark in the area, was next to the swimming pool for the apartment complex (and even the view of it from one of our balcony) and our other balcony was facing a green Golf course with a glimpse of an ocean view. So compared to this one, you tell me what you think :)

When we arrived, I finished the unpack within one day _ not even a full one day. Of course the storm has not yet began. Our four big boxes and one huge luggage are yet to arrive with DHL. And then the real unpacking will begin. The thing is because the apartment is so small there is no extra space for storage. I have to keep my vacuum cleaner in the guest toilet! So God knows how I am going to store all the things when they arrive.
Now, my sons have been asking for a bicycle. They have started the begging since we were still in UAE, when the neighborhood was still nicer and the apartment was still bigger. We have been telling them that as soon as we get to the new home we will get them one (for each). But looking at this apartment, I don’t know how we are going to squeeze two bycicles inside and then, where they are going to play with it. The streets are busy, certainly not good for some bycicle racing..I mean riding..and the park is yet to be discovered.
Oh my my…here we are…back in the city…

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