Easy Ways for Moms to Stay Healthy and Fit

Easy Ways for Moms to Stay Healthy and Fit
December 12, 2011 CuteCoco

When we are single, not yet married or have produced a baby yet, staying healthy and fit are rarely an issue. It becomes a bit of a problem when we are entering the phase of motherhood. The very prospect of getting pregnant can be terrifying for some women. While you are meant to enjoy each and every step of motherhood, the idea of getting a bloated figure with sagging breasts, bulging abdomen and hanging buttocks deter many women from getting pregnant. But actually there is no cause for concern because you can easily make yourself healthy and fit through the simplest of methods.

So if you love kids and would love to have some of your own, don’t hesitate because it will not ruin your figure. Here are some simple methods that you can follow.

If you have small kids who love to go to the park, then how about an evening stint at the nearest park? While your little one is playing games, you can do some simple exercises and watch her while she plays. You can strengthen your muscles and tone them using playground equipment. Everything in the playground can be used for your exercises. The park bench can be used for push ups and for some dips. The monkey bars are ideal for pull ups. You will undeniably find these equipments at any local park. So go ahead and try your luck.

Also, if you have a new born or a really young child, you can actually take her stroller and go for a walk in the park. Have a friend join you and it will be more fun. You will enjoy that kind of walking if you are not generally the walking type.

If you want to buy some workout equipment then you can go for the treadmills or exercise bikes to do your cardiovascular exercises. There are equipments that will not only help you shed weight, but also allow you to strengthen every part of your body and limb.

  • Getting a rotating handgrip will help strengthen your grip and your muscles as well.
  • Dumbell exercises will also help you lose that excess fat in your arms. If you hate developing those muscle cuts, you can always keep it light.
  • If you buy a wellness ball then it will tone not just your muscles, but your overall health too in terms of strength and posture.
  • Vibration machines can help you easily lose excessive fat in your body and you don’t need to spend much time everyday.
  • Practicing yoga is a great way to keep yourself in shape. It will help in controlling your mind too. You can get a stretch mat to so simple exercises and yoga too.


There are exercise classes that involve both mothers and children. It will be a very exciting proposition for kid too. Now you don’t have to worry about going through surgeries and liposuction methods to shed that pockets of flab.


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Tess Mathews is a freelance writer who also specializes in newborn baby photography. She mostly writes about health and fitness related topics, being a fitness freak herself. Tess spends at least an hour everyday for her workouts.

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