Button Bouquet from Angela’s Artistic Design

Button Bouquet from Angela’s Artistic Design
December 16, 2011 CuteCoco

On your special days like wedding, anniversary or birthday what you get? a FLOWER. That’s right a flower bouquet is something so common as a present. But have you ever heard of button bouquet? This one for sure, will last longer than the flower ones. Check this out on Angela’s Artistic Design!

Meanwhile, let’s get to know the magic hand behind these extraordinary design: Angela Di Cicco:

Cutecoconut (C): Hi Angela, thank you for being with us today. So when did you start your artistic button bouquet business and where did the inspiration come from?

Angela (A): As an alternative to traditional flowers, my daughter asked me to create a button bouquet for her wedding.  I did, she loved it and so did everyone else!  My business was born creating bouquets for every theme, color and style.  Button bouquets are perfect for centerpieces, brides, flower girls and decorative accents.  They are elegance that lasts forever!

C: Is there any specific reason why you chose button?

A: Just because my daughter asked!  I didn’t know I could get so excited about buttons!

C: Are all the button bouquet handmade by you only or do you get any help?

A: At this time, I make all the bouquets myself.  My plan is to hire some stay-at-home moms when the business grows.

C: How long does it take to make one button bouquet?

A: If I worked straight through, it could take as much as 6 hours for one.  I’ve gotten to where I can streamline by working on several at a time production style.

C: Are they all ready stock or made on order?

A: I have both ready stock and made to order.

C: What do you think the value of your product that makes it competitive to the other similar product?

A: I try to have a range of prices for my bouquets.  Each vendor has a different style and depending on what is going into the bouquets, they can be very pricey.  So my bouquets are less than some and more than others.

C: Where do you think the best place or situation to display your button bouquet?

A: In a wedding, of course!  But I’ve also branched out and make centerpieces as well.

C: Where do we buy your product?

A: Many of my new buttons I purchase wholesale because of the quantity I need.  But I enjoy scouring the thrift shops for vintage or unusual buttons.  Occasionally I’ll run into someone who has a stash of vintage buttons and I’ll purchase them.


Wow thank you so much for the insight, Angela!

Great news for all of you, Angela has specially offered a 10% off on her bouquets. All you need to do is to go to her Etsy shop HERE and enter the coupon code below upon check out.

Happy shopping!

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