Tinga Tinga: Tales from Africa

Tinga Tinga: Tales from Africa
November 18, 2011 CuteCoco

We just got new DVD for the boys called Tinga Tinga Tales. I did not really know what it was all about but I got the picture by looking at it in a glance that it was telling about the reason behind what the animal physical condition now is. The title written hugely on the cover said: Why Elephant Has a Trunk, and small letter said: And five other tales.

Our son has been watching it for the past two days. I watched with him for a minute the other day and saw a worm in the movie (or I THOUGHT it was a worm). So I started to tell him about worm and how he should not pick up anything from the floor to eat it if he did not want to get a worm inside his tummy. My eldest son agreed, he did not like the idea to have a worm inside his tummy.

This morning the boys were again watching the movie. This time I was sitting next to them reading my morning newspaper while my husband sat in the other side of the sofa playing with his blackberry. And again, the ‘worm’ came out. My husband saw it and mumbled to me “why on earth a snake has legs?”. I peeped on the screen, “that’s not a snake! that’s a worm!”. I remembered that was the same ‘worm’ I saw the day before in the same movie. “What do you mean a worm?” asked him confused. “Well..” I replied, “worms have legs..haven’t you seen any?”. My husband looked at me as if I were an idiot, “worms don’t have legs!”.

I was content, “of course they do…but for sure snakes don’t have one!”. We took another look to the creature who was now singing Tinga Tinga. “Oh maybe you are right” I decided to pull out my defence “that one should be a centipede”. The husband shook his head, “centipede’s leg spread to it’s side!”. Hmm…he had a point!

Still could not decide what the creature was, I took the cover, took a picture with the camera and then read through the cover carefully. The five other tales mentioned at the back side were:

Why SNAKE has no legs
Why hippo has no hair
Why hen pecks the ground
Why bat hangs upside down
Why warthog is so ugly

Now, do you know what the creature is? HA HA

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  1. John Joseph 9 years ago

    hmm interesting book I must say had not known about it

    • Author
      CuteCoco 9 years ago

      It’s one of BBC’s series and it’s not a book :)

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