The Versatile Blog Award (I am HONORED!)

The Versatile Blog Award (I am HONORED!)
November 7, 2011 CuteCoco

I think the past two weeks Cutecoconut has been poured by awards, and I feel like jumping..jump up, jump up and get down!! Despite my current situation to work from a coffee shop as our internet connection has been disconnected (long story short: we are about to move overseas!), I have got this happy news from Africa, my fellow blogger from MBS. Her blog is Africa 18 (amazing, great content and very interesting..please make a time to visit her!). She has passed  the Versatile Blog award on to Cutecoconut and this would be the 2nd time. Isn’t that great?!!

In order to be able to pass this award on to the newly fabulous blogs I found, I need to share with you 7 things about me…so here we go:

– Nose picking..I know, it’s YUCK! but it’s fun! LOL

– Hot shower! I can spend hours hot showering. The hotter the better!

– Food. I have the strangest appetite amongst my family and friends. When I am cooking, no body can really eat them but me. Fortunately my sons are still young enough to understand. But I believe sooner they will find out and opt for take aways.

– High heels, not very much comfortable but can’t get away without them

– I wear glasses. Not many people know about this because I only wear it when I am working on my computer or reading. It is cylindris 0.75 for both eyes!

– I have tiny figure, but I used to play basketball and joined my highschool and college team as the playmaker. I was even the team captain in my Junior high. No one really believes that…sigh..

– Scrabble is my favorite game, in computer or everywhere.


Now the homework for me is to get the 15 fabulous blogs to pass the award on. But I am really sorry I can not make it that many. Not because there is not enough lovely blogs but it’s because my current situation. I could not blog walking as much as I used to be. So I can manage to gather 8 and here they are:


So congratulation everybody, you all have a lovely blogs and please to you who read this make sure you visit each one of them!

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  1. bebe 9 years ago

    yeaay.. thanks for the award.. First time for me.. ^__^

  2. Congratulations! It’s always awesome to see that you have readers that enjoy your posting!

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