Tell Me About Yourself Award

Tell Me About Yourself Award
November 20, 2011 CuteCoco

Irene from I’m A Silly Mami has just passed the Tell Me About Yourself Award to other 7 blogs which include Cutecoconut. Thank you so much Irene! She is a wife and a mom of one daughter and four fur-babies. You can say from her blog title that it would be an awesome reading. So please make sure you give her a visit at her BLOG after you finished reading this.

The Tell Me About Yourself Award is actually similar to The Versatile Blogger Award. The only different I noticed is that this award is to be passed on to other 7 inspiring blogs whilst Versatile Blogger needs to be passed on to 15 other newly found blogs.

In order to get this award, we should do the following:

a. Thanks the one who has passed the award on to us and provide a link back to her.


b. Expose 7 things about ourselves to the world ( you..but you are the world to me, so it is no different). Having said that, here are the 7 things about me

1. I love make up, I can not go out without completing my make up: moisturizer, foundation, eyebrow filler, eyeliner, mascara, blush on and lipstick.

2. I used to be a basketball team captain in my Junior high school. Something which is hard to believe due to my tiny figure, and yes most people won’t believe it. Darn!

3. I played drum in my high school band, and no I did not take any special lesson. I tried from only one stick one leg at first and develop my skill. But of course, it was too far from being an expert 😛

4. I write a lot of novel. All of them stuck midway. Help!

5. I am a lazy bump and could spend hours watching silly YouTube’s videos.

6. I love hot shower…love…love…love…

7. I hate doing laundry. You should surprise if knew I had a small business, joint venture with a friend, for laundry service. Maybe I will start loving it if my husband pay for every stack of the clean folded clothes put in his share of cupboard :)


c. Now, this is one of my favorite part. I have found quite few interesting blogs this past two days and boy, they are all very inspiring. I was planning to write a post about it, but now since this award is about inspiring blogs I think this would be the perfect timing to appreciate these blogs. So Cutecoconut is proudly presenting the Tell Me About Yourself Award to these 7 inspiring blogs (you should visit each one of them and I am sure you will enjoy reading them too!):

The ButterBottom Blog

Changing Lanes

2Boys+1Girl=One Crazy Mom

Real Army of Moms

Stuck at home mom

Solitary Mama

The Mommyhood Chronicles


Congratulation to all of you!

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