Life as a Working Mum

Life as a Working Mum
November 11, 2011 CuteCoco

Today, Cutecoconut has the honour to share with you all the story of working mom, written by Kelly- Marie. You will remember her from the Up, Close and Personal with Kelly-Marie. So here we go! (don’t forget to give a visit to her lovely blog)


Life As A Working Mum

Hey I’m Kelly-Marie from ‘Our Footprints On The World‘ and yes I am a working mum. My son Josh has just turned 6 months old and I returned to work just several weeks ago, I’m doing less hours now as Matt {hubby} needs to work as well. I work in a small village Post Office which might be closed down at the beginning of next year and for my Husband he has finally found a job after searching for ages but the thing is that it’s only temporary with a chance of it becoming permanent if he is hard working and flexible which is why I keep swapping my hours so that he can be flexible and *fingers crossed* have it turn into a permanent job.

Although I love where I work, it is really hard as Matt doesn’t have fixed hours so at the moment we are all over the place not knowing what days we’re working but once my mum comes back off their holiday it will be a little easier as they can have Josh on a Friday for us and then the only other day I work is a Monday which Matt will have to say he can’t work but this should be fine as he has all the other 6 days of the week to work for them. We are really lucky that we have my parents to help us a little, Matt’s family unfortunately live a five hour drive from us so we can’t ask them to take him.

The other option we have had a look at is having Josh in a nursery but now-a-days it is so expensive, for one day at nursery it is £36 which means by time you’ve worked that day that money goes straight on the child care and where is the point of working it then ?! Plus I would worry about him so much while he was there .. Where we live there was a terrible thing that went on in a nursery concerning lot’s of little ones and some VERY inapropriate pictures being taken, so as you will understand many people are now very skeptical about leaving thier children/babies anywhere.

So with the economy the way it is, we make our way though it, working as hard as we can to keep food on the table. I think I get the best of both worlds really I get my time out the house doing something different but not too much time away to miss Joshy growing up 😉

Kelly-Marie, Matt & Josh

x x x

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