IUD: Pregnancy and the Risks

IUD: Pregnancy and the Risks
November 19, 2011 CuteCoco

My pregnancy with our second son was actually a non-expected one. My first baby was only 4 months old when I realised that I had not had my period and my tummy was getting bigger. When we went to see my doctor, he confirmed I was 13 weeks pregnant. So learning from that, once my second son was born I had an IUD inserted. It was a T-shaped copper one and the doctor said it would last for 5 to 8 years. One of my friend just had an IUD inserted few weeks ago and out of my curiosity, I did some browsing and found great information regarding IUD, the pregnancy and the risks which I am happy to share with you all here (although some of you may have known about this longer than I do).

So what’s with IUD?

Incase you don’t know, IUD is an intra uterine device which functions as a birth control, placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy. There are two type of IUD, the hormonal which is called Mirena and the non-hormonal one which is commonly known as Copper. IUD copper comes in two shapes, U and T.

IUD has 99% efficiency level to prevent pregnancy giving the percentage of a failure risk as low as  0.8% per year. But the ideal candidates for this type of birth control are those who have had previous pregnancy, normal uterine shape and size, and are older than 35. Women with a history of IUD expulsion and younger than 35 years old have a high risk of IUD failure.

What happen when IUD fails?

The answer is simple: you get pregnant! However what comes next behind the bless is very much risky with unknown facts, closed with dark clouds.

Most sites I visited gave quite common impression that pregnancy with IUD raise the chance of miscarriage to 50%. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it because either you have it removed or you leave it inside along your pregnancy, the miscarriage risk will still be there. But the percentage is lower by half when you have it removed.

To decide whichever way you want (to remove or to leave it) you need to consult your doctor. One case that I have read explained that the IUD could not be removed as it was inserted 8 weeks after the cesarian birth hence the device got planted inside the scarred tissue. Removing it would be a very complicated task and could be unsuccessful.

Pregnancy with IUD inside the uterus make the mother bleeds and sometimes have to take bedrest because the miscarriage risk. In some lucky case, the IUD comes out along with the baby. But in not so lucky case, the baby grows with the IUD inside her body. Removing IUD should be done as soon as a pregnancy is confirmed but it can also result in miscarriage in the process.

On the bright side, there are also mothers who survived the pregnancy with IUD inside and managed to deliver a healthy baby.

What is the other risk of pregnancy with IUD?

The device can cause the egg falls out of the uterus thus resulting in ectopic pregnancy. Some foetus don’t develop normally because the IUD has damaged the placenta. Therefore it is important to do ultrasound as soon as you find out you are pregnant with an IUD to check whether everything is alright.

You can visit Livestrong.com and Inspire to learn more about pregnancy with IUD and the risks.

I am compiling some life stories regarding IUD pregnancy. If you have experienced it or know someone who had it, and would like to share the story here please send it to myshelomitashop@gmail.com with subject: IUD Pregnancy Experience.

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