Book Review: Lonestar Angel

Book Review: Lonestar Angel
November 7, 2011 CuteCoco

Source: Booksneeze

When I started reading the first few pages I must say that the story was not convincing me to read the whole through. It was not very engaging and the story opened rather abruptly with the scene between Kent and Eden having dinner. There was not so much characterizing for those two and the way the prime star, Clay, was brought in was too sudden. It could be the intention of the writer to not provide too many details in the beginning of the story but Clay could have been entered the scene rather smoothly. It was surprising and unengaging. I was wondering whether to continue to read or stop right there. The story was not selling right away.

However after deciding to give it a shot, it turned out that Lonestar Angel had a lot to offer than just a boring romance flick. The connection amongst the characters, Clay, Eden and the people from their past, in their bid to find their long lost kidnapped daughter whom they thought was once dead provided a complicated entangled story which was interesting to read.

Character after character was brought in by the writer and scenes seemed moving fast. The way the story was written was intense and I could hardly find times to breath in between the quite exhausting journey. The most adorable things in this book was the five little girls who brought light and sweetness in the sour life of Eden and Clay. The pair must find their daughter amongst these five girls while trying to mend the pieces of their broken marriage and figuring out what to do next when they finally found their daughter.

As the story went along I must say that the ending was pretty much an expected twist. You would find yourself wondering and guessing who was behind this crazy scenario but one or two names of the character would fill in your mind as you read closer to the end.

Overall this book was a great reading. But it was not at all free from the romance cliches like the female leading role was beautiful and inherited it from her mother. The hero was typical: handsome, big, strong and soft at the same time. In addition to that, there was also a very typical ending on the faith of the remaining four little girls who had been decorating almost every scenes with their lovable and innocent manner.

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