Up, Close and Personal with Nicole Hughes

Up, Close and Personal with Nicole Hughes
October 18, 2011 CuteCoco

Reality show is always interesting to watch. There is something about it that draws our attention to that particular show. But for many, the reason is the same. It is because it’s a reality show, it is real. Not fake, it is not like a movie or a fairy tale. We just feel we can be like that or we can relate ourselves to the story because it is played by common people and bring up the common subjects.

And this is exactly what is going to be your first impression when visiting Between Two Rams. A simple blog that shares day to day story of life from a mother of two, Nicole Hughes. Nicole’s posts are mostly about common things that we can find happen to ourselves as a mom. Therefore you can easily relate yourself to her stories in many ways.

Today, Cutecoconut has the honour to bring this beautiful mom virtually to meet you and share her passion in blogging and also a glance of her life.

Cutecoconut (C): How did you come to know about blogging and how did you start one?

Nicole Hughes (NH): When my son was about two years old I came happened across Cafemom.com, a social network specifically for moms.  A lot of the women there had links to their blogs on their profile pages, or would link to them in their journals.  I had no interest in blogging (or bloggers) back then.  It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I started really getting into reading people’s blogs and entertaining ideas of having my own.

C : What blogging is to you?

NH: Blogging is a way for me to reach out and connect to other people.  I think we all have something to share and a need to feel valued and appreciated.  Blogging can fulfill those needs.  It’s also a place where I can share my opinions on certain things that those in my family or friend circle wouldn’t be interested in.  And it’s also a record of the things that I would probably forget if I hadn’t written them down.

C : How do you find the time to blog in between your housechores and taking care of the children?

NH: My older son, Matthew is in full day kindergarten and Lucas still naps so I use that time for myself and my blog.  I also spend a lot of time on my blog in the evenings after they’ve gone to bed.

C : In one of your post, Not the First Day of School, you were talking about your son Matt was about to attend school, how was your feeling that day and how did you cope up with the fact that your son was not a baby anymore?

NH: The day before school was actually worse than the day I sent him on that bus!  We had spent so much time getting ready for school, buying new clothes and shoes, picking out a back pack and folders, visiting the classroom… August was a very busy month for us.  I was preparing myself to send him to school physically, but not emotionally.  The Monday school was supposed to start (but didn’t) I think I had a mini panic attack!  He had never spent any time in daycare or preschool or even a babysitter’s house.  There was always a family member at home with him and so we always knew every detail of his every day.  Sending him off to a building full of people I didn’t know suddenly terrified me!  I wasn’t ready, but it helped to know that he was.  He started school with a few of his friends from our apartment building, so it helped me to know that he wouldn’t be “alone.”  As much as I miss his babyhood, I want to see how he will grow.

C : You have talked about how you hated doing your laundry and cleaning your bathroom, is there any other housechores that you hate apart from those two and why?

NH: Those are definitely my least favorite chores!  I used to also hate vacuuming, but we recently got a very nice new vacuum so instead I feel like I’m playing with my new “toy.”  If we didn’t have a dishwasher, cleaning the dishes would be on that list as well.

C : What do you do on your spare time besides blogging?

NH: I love to read!  I got a Kindle for Christmas last year and I bring it everywhere I go.  Whenever I have a spare moment, I’m reading it!  I also enjoy walking with my kids.  In the summer I will take the stroller and the boys and I will just explore the neighborhood.  I often let Matt pick which way we’ll go when we come up to an intersection.  We’ve found 4 playgrounds that way!  Sometimes I will be in a “make something” mood and crochet something, but most of my projects never get finished.

C : Does Matt get jealous over his brother? How do you handle the situation?

NH: When Luke was first born Matt was so excited!  I was very fearful that he would be jealous because he had me all to himself for nearly four years.  As it turned out, I really didn’t have much to worry about.  He’s such a great big brother.  Not to say they always get along great, but for the most part there haven’t been many jealousy issues and I consider myself very lucky for it.  Maybe the fact that he was old enough to not need me so much helped.  I’m not sure.

C : You blog mostly about your family and your daily life, what are the value that you would like your reader get from reading your blog?

NH: When I’m blogging about my family life and the day to day stuff, I’m not really trying to get any specific message across.  There’s never a “moral of the story.”  If my readers take anything away from it, I guess it would just be that I am stumbling through motherhood one day at a time just like every other mom out there.  None of us are perfect and there’s no one right way to raise a family.

C : To conclude your blog, describe it in three words!

NH: I think random, honest, and normal would sum it up.

C : Any tips or advise for new momblogger out there?

NH: Blog about whatever YOU want to blog about.  Don’t worry about what you think others want to read.  If it’s important and interesting to you, it’s bound to be interesting to someone else.

Commenting on the blogs you love goes a long way toward gaining followers of your own.  The blogging community is all about reciprocation.

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Brief Bio about Nicole Hughes:

I am 26 and my fiance and I have two little boys, ages 5 and 18 months.  We plan on finally getting married sometime this year.  Right now we live in Easton, Pennsylvania although I grew up on the Jersey Shore and we lived in Florida for about 4 years before returning North.  I have a job that I only go to once a week buying gold at a kiosk in the mall, but I’m currently looking for a part time job that can offer me more hours with the hopes of saving some money to go back to school.  I’m interested in becoming a medical assistant or phlebotomist.

To get to know more about Nicole and Between Two Rams, click HERE!

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