Saturday Mind: Bloggers for Health

Saturday Mind: Bloggers for Health
October 29, 2011 CuteCoco

I found this interesting topic from one of my fellow momblogger, Tiffany’s tweet. You probably remember her from the Up, Close and Personal last Tuesday. This is a blogging event called Bloggers for Health which is hosted by Callie Gisler of Unladylike and Lauren of Endear. The event is meant to incorporate healthier habits into our daily life. If you want to know more detail about it, please click here.

The blogging prompt is provided on Endear and this Saturday is about Personal Workout Plan. It is quite ironic though, considering I don’t have any workout plan at the moment. I used to love sport and despite my tiny figure I did join my high school’s and college’s basketball team as a playmaker. But now although I feel that it is very important to workout I am always defeated by my laziness.

I bought a pair of runners last year. I told my husband that I WAS GOING TO jog every morning. One year has gone, not even once that shoes touched my feet let alone me jogging in it. But the eagerness to start working out has never left me. The only times when I was very serious in working out was to shed off my baby weight. The plan was actually a success. I got my normal body weight back within only three months (of course I was not very much comparable with Heidy Clum who had shaped back after just three weeks of labouring_God knows what she’d done_ #envy). However three months time was surely an achievement for a lazy mom like me.

So what was the workout plan?

1. I bought a body slender. This one came with a pair of 0,5 kg mini dumbles which I can use to strengthen my arm muscle while using the equipment. All you need to do is like stepping up and down with your leg and you can combine with a bit of turning your shoulder and waist to the left and right. It is like riding a bicycle while standing on the pedal. You can check on

2. Warming up for about 5 minutes from head to toe

3. Spending 15 minutes using the body slender while watching my favorite  tv show

4. Cooling down for 5 minutes

5. The routine with my body slender happened everyday in the morning. It does not look like a very long time if you see the 15 minutes time frame, but trust me…when you are a new mom who has just delivered a baby, 15 minutes are more than enough to sweat you like crazy! And then on and off in the afternoon after office hours I would go for a quick jog.

This may not be the perfect workout, it was really simple but after doing it for the whole two months I think it was worth to try :)

….and that was my personal workout plan. Do I have a personal workout plan now? Like I mentioned above I don’t have one now, unless if to defeat my lazy devil in me counts as a workout plan. Once that done, then I can move forward to the next plan, which I have not yet to determine. One step at a time my friend :)

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  1. Mom Blog Society 9 years ago

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I’m visiting from MBS Alexa Hop! I followed you on Twitter, joined your GFC and left you and Alexa review! Hope you return the favor!
    Mom Blog Society

    • Author
      CuteCoco 9 years ago

      Done LaDonna, thank you :)

  2. Mom Fashion World 9 years ago

    Hello darling!
    Thank you very much for your wonderful comment!
    Of course, I’m following you back in GFC and gave you a 5star in Alexa.
    So see you around, my love.

    • Author
      CuteCoco 9 years ago

      See u around :) thanks for visiting back!

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