Favorite Kids Program: Sid the Science Kid

Favorite Kids Program: Sid the Science Kid
October 12, 2011 CuteCoco

Out of so many kids program you can find nowadays Cutecoconut recommends Sid the Science Kid as one of the must-watch-program for your preschooler up to five years old. The story is about a five years oldl kid named Sid who lives with his mother, father and baby brother, Zeke. Sid is a very curious kid who wants to be a scientist someday thus he always wants to know everything about everything and always pops the ‘big question’ in the beginning of every program. He closes the program with his ‘super duper smuper big ideas’ as the result of today’s investigation at school.

Sid’s days begin in the morning when he is playing around in his room, then there is breakfast time continued with going to school and the main program is what is happening at school. He has three other friends at school named May who is groovy funky kind of girl, Gerald who is very imaginative and wants to be a rock star, and Gabriela who is very girly and loves pink and polkadots. Their teacher’s name is Susie and after school Sid is always picked up by his grandma.

The great thing about this program is that it contains a lot of basic informations and knowledges delivered in a very simple way, suited to what can be understood by a preschooler. It can teach your child things from why fruits get mushy, how things grow, to the importance of brushing teeth. What makes it interesting even more is because Sid is also humorous and likes to joke. He and his friends even have special session at school during breaktime of what they call Good Laughternoon when each one of them passing jokes or funny riddles to eachother. This program also incorporates music and dancing within it’s duration.

Here, Cutecoconut shares one of Sid’s signature song taken from YouTube:



Sid the Science Kid is produced by Motion Picture and a PBS series that debuted on September 1, 2008 with half an hour duration. If you go to it’s site, you will find games, video and printable coloring book with pictures of Sid and his friends.

The program is aired in many tv channels depend on your region, which you can find out on it’s website, or otherwise the DVD is also on sales on your local DVD stores.

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