8 Traveling Tips: Long Hours Flight with a 2 Years Old

8 Traveling Tips: Long Hours Flight with a 2 Years Old
October 14, 2011 CuteCoco

Having babies or toddlers does not mean restricting you from jumping on long hours flight for family vacation. You can still enjoy the trip if you know what to do or to prepare.

If you are planning for a vacation with your two years old that involve a long hours flight you may want to take a look at below tips:


1. Feed her well

Make sure she is fed well before you are all getting on the plane. She will be less fussy when she is full. If you are still nursing her then make sure you leave a little space for your breastmilk that you need to fill your baby with when the plane is taking off. For a child a plane that is taking off can cause her ears painful or feel discomfort about it. The solution is to let her chew or suck either food, candy, drinking milk from the bottle or breastfeeding.


2. Pack your baby things properly

You need to know how long the flight will take in order to decide what you should carry as your cabin baggage and what you can leave in your compartment baggage. You should be aware that inside the airplane you are not allowed to put anything in front of you or next to your feet. So the best thing is to have a bottled milk (if you are not nursing) ready that you can put it in your seat pocket while leaving everything else in the bag that you put in the small compartment above your seat. This will save you a lot if you need to feed her while the plane is taking off because normally you are not allowed to get out from your seat, let alone getting up to take something from you bag above your head.


3. No Hot Water in the Flask

For some security reason you are not allowed to bring any liquid inside the airplane if more than 50 ml. This rule may have changed in some country but just to be in the safe side you better not bringing hot water in a flask. If you need to refill or make milk for your baby you can just ask the flight attendant to fill hot water in your baby bottle for you. But do not forget to check because sometimes they give you either too hot or too cold.


4. Wear Comfortable Clothes

You and your baby should wear comfortable clothes. Special for you, if you are still nursing you may have to consider wearing button up shirt so you can breastfeed easily. It is also recommended to bring scarf with you to help you cover up when breastfeeding, although you may just use the blanket provided in the airplane to do it.  For your baby, make sure you put warm clothes on her because the air in an airplane sometimes gets very cold.


5. Diaper and Wet Tissue

Do not ever forget to bring some spare of these two items. Your baby may just poo poo during the trip and you need to change her diaper otherwise people seat next to you will die because of its’ smell. Good quality airlines provide you with this kind of stuff but you should always be prepared for the worst.



In this small bag you can put diaper changing base, three diapers, wash cloths, wet tissue, small baby powder and extra underwear


6. Toys and Scrapbook

A two years old can play a toy by herself. To avoid her from getting bored (which will trigger tantrum on her) you should bring a lot of toys to keep her busy. Some long hours flight provide in-flight movies and games for their passenger onboard. This can be one way to entertain your baby because the movie selection has Disney’s and other children movies. Otherwise you can also give her a scrapbook and crayon and let her drawing or writing whatever she wants to.


7. Meal Time

When a child has turned two she normally needs to pay full ticket and get her own seat. The advantage of this is that you will not have trouble during meal time for having to put her on your lap while you try to eat from the small table in front of you. There is a big chance that your baby is sleeping when the food is delivered. Just let it be on the table. Even when the flight attendant has started to clearing things just tell her that you need to keep the food on the table because your baby can wake up anytime feeling hungry. Remember that this is a long hours flight.


8. Be Practical

If you are traveling alone you may want to be more practical in your hand carry items. No need to bring three or more bags in your hand because they will only create trouble for you when getting on or off the airplane. Why? Because you will have to carry your baby in your arms considering that you will only get your stroller back on the ground. So for the next ten minutes or more you will have to carry your baby along with your bags. Baby carrier is the great solution for this situation. Use the one that can carry your baby on your chest, and you will get your two arms to carry other things like your bags.

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