My Blog: Life at 30s

My Blog: Life at 30s
August 20, 2011 CuteCoco

They said life starts at 30s (or 40s??). Well, whichever it is my question then what is the name for anything before that??

Anyway, I am feeling kinda lost these days. I have so many things in my mind, too much with sooo little time and resources to materialise all of them. And yes, I am in my 30 now so I guess I need to fasten my move a bit to get a great start. Am I right?

I always knew back then that someday I will have my own thing…like for example:

– I will have my own book

– I will have my own clothing line

– I will have my own company in retail field and travel planning

– I want to work on event planning field

– I will have my own boutique

– I will have my own stationary shop

– I will have my own home decor boutique

And so many I wills that are (for the moment) still struggling to make their way.

Mind me to be proud, but yes I have so many talents. I can draw, I can write, I can design, I have all the talents needed to reach my goal of wills. But my problem is that I am focus-less. One of my teacher once told me that it was her struggle to keep my mind in the classroom for more than 10 minutes. She was right! My mind always jumps here and there overwhelmed with everything. One minute I want to do this, the next second I am imagining meatballs, then I am planning for a holiday, and so on. Luckily, I never had any trouble with my exams (great!).

So, looking back at my lack-of-focus problem, I have decided to take off the book from my wills list. I always loose focus in the middle, and my laptop is filled with unfinished materials.

I bought a drawing tablet couple of months ago and promised myself to draw/design as many as possible to built a portfolio. But I got bored after couple of days and jump into another thing: blogging. And then I have this idea to start my own business as a virtual planner. I spent days to build the site, market it and market it. Then I lost the interest a bit, and my healing is always blogging.

I have been drawing again for the past few days. Let see when it will last this time.

And again they said, life starts at 30s (or 40s??)… I am wondering when is mine…

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  1. MARIO 10 months ago

    estamos 2019, estas viv@??

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