Indian Food: Green Chilli Pickle

Indian Food: Green Chilli Pickle
August 3, 2011 CuteCoco

Today I did my grocery shopping and as I am a fan of Indian food, I would like to share one of my today’s purchase that is a jar of Green Chilli Pickle. Those who love Indian food will be familiar with this pickle, an interesting taste that would always invite you to have more and more!

However, to be honest with you first time I tasted this pickle I felt I wanted to throw up. It tasted so stranged that I could not even swallow. This happened when I was staying in India couple of years ago. But I love adventuring with food, so I was never hesitated to try again. And as time went by, I fell in love with this pickle.

I know, not everybody will like Indian food. Some of people that I know said that the food tastes so weird. But I love it! Although sometimes to suit my taste I do a kind of strange combination like for example:

– I like having the green chilli pickle with a fried egg and steam rice. Strange isn’t it??

– I like having puri bhaji with the gulab jamun dressing. FYI, puri bhaji is almost like staple food which they use to eat with kind of curry while gulab jamun is a sweet. Imagine how bizzare is that!

But I am not the only one. I have seen my Egyptian friend, a very dear friend of mine, enjoyed his chapati with banana.

Other than the green chilli pickle, there are other pickles that are just as good:

– Lime pickle

– Mango pickle

– Red chilli pickle

– Lime and onion pickle

And many more. You can find some great recipes to make them in this website.

If you want to know more about indian food, you can visit

Have a great cuisine-venture!

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