Housekeeping Tips: How to clean your house effectively

Housekeeping Tips: How to clean your house effectively
August 16, 2011 CuteCoco




Everyone thinks that cleaning a house is only another physical job, simple and easy. But is it? Totally wrong! As a stay at home mom you should know best that to clean the house is the most challenging and tiring job of all. Sometimes the chores keep piling up and you are so overwhelmed by them that you don’t even know where to start. However, as CuteCoco is about to reveal the tips on how to clean your house effectively, those days with overwhelming house cleaning tasks will soon gone. So let’s cheer up and start reading!

Cleaning your house effectively

  1. Making the bed: you should always start the cleaning tasks by making your bed first. This is one rule that is a must. You would want to keep your bed clean and hygiene so it is best to touch it first before your hands get dirty by anything else. Not only that, but if you make the bed first you will get the chance to clean the lint and dust that fall out of the bed sheet afterwards.
  2. Dusting: The important thing to remember when dusting is that you must use a damped cloth which is lint-free. Many cheap dusters are sold in your local stores but very few that will not add lint to your furniture surface. So pick your duster carefully. The other important thing is that when you do dusting you should do it from top to bottom  and moving clock wise or anti-clock wise so no space is missed.
  3. Window glass cleaning: the four things you must have to clean a glass window are: two dry dusters (lint-free), water or cleaning agent in a bottle sprayer and one window squeezer. The technique is very simple: 1) Dust the window out using one of the dry cloth; 2) Spray the water/cleaning agent through the entire window surface; 3) Squeeze the water all the way down in one strike. If the window is wide you may need to do it two times but always do the strike in one go all the way down and wipe the squeezer before you will start another strike next to the first one; 4) Buff the window with the other dry cloth. Now you can see through as if nothing in between!
  4. Vacuuming: As you run your vacuum cleaner around the house make sure you do it from inside to outside. This is to ensure that you do not step on the surface that you already vacuumed. Do not pull the vacuum by its cable or hose and pay attention to sharp objects. Do not vacuum anything sharp because it can tear your dust bag inside.
  5. Bathroom cleaning: Pour your harpic inside the toilet bowl before you start scrubbing and cleaning the other bathroom area. You can scrub the toilet at the last. Please remember to use handglove when cleaning the bathroom, and always wash your hand after finished. It is better to have separate duster for bathroom for hygiene reason. Also once you finished, you need to wipe the entire fixture to dry to avoid bad watermarks.
  6. Mopping: the very last thing to do in your house cleaning task is mopping. Always mop your floor from inside to outside to avoid you stepping on the mopped surface.

From the look of it as you are reading it, the steps sound easy but it actually can subtitute your extra hour at the gym.

You may think that you have done all of them on daily basis. But try to do them in the exact sequence as written above and you will find that house cleaning task can be fun if done effectively.









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