Loose Baby Weight Fast: Without Being Starved

Loose Baby Weight Fast: Without Being Starved
July 8, 2011 CuteCoco

New mommy usually gets worried on her baby weight that has been piling up during her pregnancy period. Once the baby is born most of us are likely to start thinking how to get rid of this ugly fat in a flash. On the extreme side, some of us even go for hard dieting as soon as possible which most of the time includes skipping meals or lesser portion of meals. Midnight food craving and starving most of the time seems to be normal, and yet the baby weight still hangs on tightly. So how do we loose baby weight fast without being starved

  • Regular Exercise. New mommy will drop the idea as soon as it reaches her brain. Just thinking about it we feel exhausted already. It seems too impossible to do exercise with a new born in our hand and without feeling tired. The trick is don’t push it too much. Just make sure we spend at least two hours for exercising which can be broken down into several sets like 30 minutes in the morning, another 20 minutes later on the day, 20 minutes while playing with the baby, and so on. And remember get sweaty!
  • Do It Yourself. Getting a helper or a nanny sounds tempting but it will not do good on your weight loosing effort. Instead, try to do most of everything by yourself from changing diapers, feeding the baby to mopping the floors and tidying the whole house. Make a priority list though, let go some not so important house chores when you feel tired.
  • Get a Good Rest. It is not a secret that new mommy will have less sleep because babies normally wake up every two hours to look for his milk. They also cry everytime they need their diaper to be changed. To work this out, mom needs to sleep almost everytime the baby sleeps. However we should keep in mind how many hours that we need to sleep. The sufficient hour is 8 to 9 hours everyday, so let’s not overdone it. With a good rest, we will have the energy to rock the day and more importantly the energy to work out and stay active.
  • Eat Healthily. Some moms eat a lot more than what she actually needs. This is due to the breastfeeding that makes mom feel hungry all the time. Eat healthily means we should balance the nutrition in our food and it is not about the portion size. Change the snacks with something healthy like carrot and cucumber slices, fruits or peanuts. We may also want to eat less on salty food to keep us from having more and just eat sufficiently instead.
  • Stay Active. Just because we have just delivered a baby does not mean we can just stay in bed with the baby the whole day. Take him out for a morning or an afternoon walk. Not only it burns calories, it can also fresh our minds. It is one of great solutions to avoid boredom which can lead to heavy snacking. It is also good for the baby to get to know the outside world.

One thing we should keep in mind that it is normal to have a little extra pound in our body after giving birth. We should enjoy motherhood once it comes to our door. Let ourselves free, eat whatever we want, sleep and not doing anything but being with the baby. Loosing baby weight ideally starts at least two months after the delivery. By that time we will already adapt ourselves with the new pace in our lives thus loosing weight while taking care the baby can be a lot more easier.

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