Episiotomy Vaginal Birth After-Care: What Happens To Mom After The Baby Is Born

Episiotomy Vaginal Birth After-Care: What Happens To Mom After The Baby Is Born
July 22, 2011 CuteCoco

New moms who are waiting for the due date and scared plus excited at the same time on giving birth naturally, do not worry! Vaginal birth is always better than the C-section one. Once you get through with it, the second the baby is arrived to the world you will not even remember how painful it was. As a matter of fact, it could be one of the most wonderful experience for you as a woman. Certainly it is understandable for new moms to be wondering around how it would be like as this will be your first time. Therefore CuteCoco here is revealing everything about what happens to mom after the baby is born through episiotomy vaginal birth.

What is Episiotomy 

Episiotomy is vaginal tear during delivery for afterwhich the doctor needs to give some stitches. It is felt like a sting for couple of weeks, limits your move and sometimes it gets swollen.

What happens in a few hours after delivery

Once you are back to your room with your baby here are the things that are bounced to happen:

  • Unfortunately your tummy is not flattened as yet. The pile will stay for a while, could look like jelly bubbling but it will disappear in time.
  • Your breast looks sexier, bigger and tighter. Although in some cases they may not be producing any milk until for about couple of days.
  • You will be nervous to urinate and you HAVE TO urinate in the first couple of hours after the delivery.
  • You will feel scared to go to the toilet which then led to constipation.
  • You may have hemorrhoid, a swollen veins in your lower rectums.
  • You will be able to walk (the good news!) instantly. You will only feel a bit of pain and discomfort in your vagina due to the stitches.
  • You may get constractions which are commonly known as afterpains. It is similar to menstrual cramps and it happens because your uterus is now shrinking. It gets worsen eveytime you breastfeed because the suction somehow connected with the uterus shrinking process. The cramps normally more noticeable on the second and third baby birth.

 Care and Recovery

Everything changes with you, from your body, your emotion and your routine. It may make you overwhelmed a bit. Here are some cares for new mom’s speedy recovery:


  • Keep the wound in your vagina clean and dry. Wash your perineum area with water and then dry with a clean pad. Soak in a warm tub after going to the toilet. The doctor may give you an antiseptic to be compressed with a pad to the affected area after you take a bath.
  • Sit down carefully. Squeeze your buttocks together when you are sitting down, do not sit with open leg. Avoid squatting and bending.
  • Compress the affected area on your vagina with a bag of ice. It soothe the pain.
  • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits contained lots of fibre. This will ease your bowel movement and prevent you from stretching and pushing while you bear down.
  • Drink a lot of water especially warm ones. This will ease the breastmilk producing.
  • If your breastmilk has not come out yet give the ‘twin’ soft massages stroking toward the nipple. You also need to compress them with warm cloth and stimulate by offering your baby your nipple. The suction by the baby’s mouth helps to stimulate the breastmilk producing.
  • You may be in pain when breastfeeding. Do not breastfeed from one side for more than 20 minutes. Change side regularly. It will feel like a burn sensation as if someone is biting your nipple, only not in a ‘romantic’ way. Bear with it. If you give up and stop breastfeeding while the milk is still being produced your breast will get sore, swollen, change color and really painful. You can get fever as well. If this happens you need to contact your doctor immediately.
  • You will get a bloody vaginal discharge or known as lochia. The bleeding indicates healing of the placenta and will last from 14 days up to 6 weeks. During this period it is not recommended to use tampons, and use the thick sanitary pad instead.
  • If you have hemorrhoids which is noticeable when you feel painful on your bowel movements and there is some swelling near your anus, soak in a warm tub. You can also ask your doctor to give you topical medication for hemorrhoids.
  • Wrap your tummy in a body wrap or waist wrap for at least 40 days to shape up your ‘scrambled’ tummy.
  • Go to Sauna on the 40th days after giving birth. If you can not afford the time you can do it in your bathroom by placing a bucket of boiling water under a stool where you will be sitting on the stool covered up with blanket. The idea is to make you sweat completely to cleanse your skin pores and freshen up your body.


Avoid ‘baby blues’ which can lead to postpartum depression like mood swings, continuous sadness, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed with these simple steps:

  • Sufficient sleep. Try to sleep and relax everytime the baby is asleep. Even 10 minutes of good sleep make a lot of changes in your mood.
  • Get help from your husband, partner or other family member.
  • Do not shut down yourself. Talk to people you are close to. Share your feelings with your family and friends.

Natural Remedy

CuteCoco has a natural remedy from the family recipe. It is believed that this infusion cleanse your body from inside and speedy the recovery of your uterus. The ingredients are:

– Turmeric as big as you point finger, peeled and crushed.

– Red ginger as big as the turmeric, peeled and crushed.

– 2 cups of water

How to make:

1. Boil water along with the crushed turmeric and red ginger.

2. Drink one glass a day for 40 days after the delivery. Ideally the session is ended with steam and sauna bath on the 40th day.

Now that you know a bit about what happens after you give birth, you need to fear not! Just relax and enjoy the first experience in motherhood land.

Have a great day!

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