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AlphabeticalPreschool in today’s world is considered as a necessity rather than an option. Parents are competing with eachother to see whose child goes to school first that sometimes leads to some parents whose child is not yet enrolled in a preschool feeling left out. Why is it so important to enroll our child in a preschool?

Believe it or not, it is actually an important base for our child’s future learning process. It sets a platform that plays a big role in our child’s later academic performances. A child who was enrolled in a preschool is likely to graduate from his high school and get a well-paying job. Almost like a playdate, only structured and scheduled, a preschool helps our child to develop not only his physical but also his social skill and emotional traits.

If you think a good family, with a stay at home mom, is enough to bring a child into the same level as those who have enrolled in a preschool, please think again. Unless you have more than two children at the same age and you dedicate 100% of your time with them, preschool obviously can give your child a lot more. Once enrolled your child will learn  how to interact with people, communicate and play with other children at his age and his ability to adjust in new environment settings can improve.

However, whilst you can easily find one in your area, choosing the right preschool is not an easy task. It takes at least 7 important things to be put in mind when you are doing a checklist to choose a preschool for your child.

  • Motivation check. Before enrolling your child in one of the school you need to ask yourself what are the reasons for you to want to enroll your child in. Most people choose to enroll their child in a preschool to improve his socialization skill. Some wants to start developing their child in his academic performance. If you know what you are after, it will be easier to select one or two school alternatives based on their program or curriculum.
  • Location. Some preschools provide pick up/drop transfers for the children. If you can not afford to pick up or drop your child everyday it is important for you to choose one school with transportation options. Otherwise you need to find a location which is not to far from your place or your office so that you can do the pick up/drop easily.
  • Financial Situation. Generally speaking a high quality preschool charges a fortune. If you have allocated certain amount in your budget for your child education fund, the next thing to consider when choosing the school is the school fee. Every preschool apply one time registration fee which is non refundable and only paid once for the entire school years. Some school apply quarterly payment for its school years and some apply payment on monthly basis. You also need to check what are the inclusions in those particular amount.
  • Faculty Qualification. The high quality ones will have faculty members who earn their educational degree related in child care. You also need to check whether the school is licensed.
  • Moral Value. Ensure that the school you are choosing has the similar moral value with your family for example when imposing discipline they also do ‘time out’ like you do at home. This is to avoid confussion on your child.
  • Safety. You need to be sure that your child safety is in the best hand when he is doing learning and playing. Ask for a little tour to see the facility within the preschool’s premises to ensure that it is all children friendly.
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene. Your child is still vulnerable to diseases. Dirty and filthy premises shows that the school pay very poor attention to these two particular things. Although most of preschool ask the parent to pack the child’s breakfast and lunch box, you still need to check their kitchen equipment and how they maintain the cleanliness and hygiene standar in the area.

Now that you have the 7 formulas in choosing the right preschool for your child, I am sure you can narrow down your selection of schools into one.

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