8 Steps to put on make up and look effortlessly good within minutes

8 Steps to put on make up and look effortlessly good within minutes
July 11, 2011 CuteCoco

Many of us, mothers, feel too hard to find time to put on make up and make ourselves LOOK GOOD. Some of us even go into the extreme way to never be out of the pyjamas or taking a bath at all. It is such an unfortunate situation to make our children as an excuse to look miserable, tired and worn off when being a mother should be celebrated by always looking good all the time. You may think it is not easy but CuteCoco has found the 8 steps to put on make up and look effortlessly good within minutes and reveals them here.

Why do we have to put on make up and look good all the time?

Believe or not appearance does matter a lot. How many of us go in our trainer with messy pony tail and without any make-up on to get our groceries just because it is only in the corner of the street? Remember that first impression lasts forever, and we can never know who we are going to meet on that situation.

In addition it is not only about impression, but looking good means feeling good. It brings our self-esteem into different level just by having a make-up on when we are out there. Mothers who feel good all the time bring positive energy to the children, and of course make the husband feels proud too. So from all different angles, putting on make up and look good bring more advantages to our life.

What refrains mothers to put some make-up on and look good?

NO TIME. That would be the answer that most of us would give. Forget the outfits, but putting on make up takes a lot of efforts and that is why most mothers choose to ignore this and opt for a pale dull face wherever they go.

Well here is a good news: these 8 steps to put on make up are very mother-friendly. It will only take minutes to get your face ready for the day.

The steps are:

  1. Wash your face with cool water. This wakes up and freshen up your face skin before puting on your make up.  The coolness of the water helps to keep your make-up lasts longer. However this should be done under a note that  you wash your face with the facial cleanser at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, just before bedtime. By doing this you make your face ready any time you want to put some make-up on.  
  2. Mixing mosturizer and foundation. Foundation is the base of all make-ups. It glues the powder, blush, eye-shadows and even lipstick perfectly on your face. Normally people apply the moisturizer first and then the foundation. But since we are mothers who have the busiest schedule on earth, time is precious. Therefore to save time you can mix the moisturizer and foundation, blend them well before applying on your face. The comparison should be 1:0.75 where your moisturizer is more than the foundation. This way you will not have a ‘masked’ face and natural look instead.
  3. Powder your face. Some people like compact powder, but loose powder is easier to blend. Use your powder brush to do it and remember, less is more. Do not skip your jaw line and neck so that your make up looks blended well thoroughly.
  4. Eyebrow. If you have bushy eyebrow you may want to tidy it a bit. Do not pluck them all though because you will look scary. To give natural look get your eyeshadow brush, dash it into your brown eyeshadow and then draw it through your eyebrow. Draw thinner as it goes to the end of the line. Other method is that you can brush your eyebrow with a transparent mascara. Brush it into one direction (toward the outside).
  5. Eyeliner. Some people think eyeliner is giving too much dramatic look. But the truth is it pops your eyes perfectly if you do it correctly. Do not draw the line too thick and make sure it is drawn right in your upper eyes line. It should also line the inner part of your eyes’ under line very thinly. Choose natural colour like brown or black for your daily look. The easy method is by pulling the corner of your eyes lid a bit to the side and then draw. For the under-line you should pull down a bit the line before drawing your eyeliner in.
  6. Mascara. A good advise from a woman said “never leave home without your mascara”. It bolds your under-lined eyes. The easy method is to look down and start brushing your mascara on your eyelashes towards outside. Make sure you starts from the root to give natural look.
  7. Blush on. The idea is to give a fresh blossom cheeks and not making it looks like someone just slap you on your face. Deep your blusher on your blush on, make sure it is not too much. Dash it on the apple of your cheek (it is the part of your cheek that stands out when you smile, right under your eyes next to your nose). Once dashed, move it in circular motion towards your cheek bone, the outer part of your cheek near your hair line above your ear. Blend it well. For natural look choose pink blush or brown colour.
  8. Lipgloss. If you feel coloured lipstick is too much for your daily look go for a lipgloss. It gives you the perfect natural look you can ever imagine.


Now that you know the 8 steps to put on make up and look effortlessly good within minutes, there should not be any excuse anymore to skip putting on make up especially whenever you go outside.


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